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Ranked Requirements and Better Matchmaking

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I either win by a land slide or get completely crushed. The matchmaking at 1200 elo is terrible, I simply can't get out of it. People say elo hell doesn't exist but that's bull it's right at 1200-1300. I'm sure others would say "you have to carry your way out" but that's just a naive comment. The worst scum of the game play in this elo along with new lv30s who haven't a clue what a real game is like.

So, Riot, if you even look at this here are my suggestions(I know you're busy counting your money and designing new game breaking champs to sell):

Minimum Wins -
Very simple, make a classic game minimum like 500 games before allowing them into ranked, and gives them time to buy more champs and create rune pages, and most importantly hone their skills. Atleast 50% of the ranked lobbys I end up in have one or more of your standard "ADC I can't play any other roles" players.

Minimum Amount of Rune Pages -
Players should have atleast 2 rune pages completed with different tier 3 runes.

Champs for Each Role -
Players should be required to own atleast 2 champs in each role, support especially.

Matchmaking Based on Games Played -
Match ranked players with similar amounts of ranked games played, and create teams based on roles played. Each team made should have a person with experience for each role: A mid, jungler, support, adc, and top.

/Rant over, I'm sure you dedicated forum goers see a million of these a day but I could care less. When I sit down to play a ranked game that is an investment to me. I expect my team to be on an even level with me and the other team, and while I know this is ideal and not always possible, I can only hope changes like this can be implemented so I don't get off league fuming with anger.