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How To Get Better At This Game

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Thanks so much for this, it helps me and this thread was great. One of the biggest mistakes I've been making is not focusing enough on one or two champions. Instead I've been spreading myself out to learn all the champions so I know what I'm up against, but due to this and trying to learn each role (support, ad carry, tank, etc) and not focusing enough on one I've become jack of all trades and master of none, which is resulting in a lot of losses. I've been focusing also on getting more last hits and letting the other team push my lane enough that I can get them at the turret (while still gaining xp). One thing I'd add to this list is making sure your fingers are in the same place on the keyboard- I'm trying LuLu out this week and when i press alt to use a move on myself I move my hands out of position >-<. But just staying encouraged I think will help, and knowing its the time and effort you put into getting better matters more than a few losses. Anyway thanks for all the advice, I'll be sure to use it

play with a team where you can actually communicate. Playing with better players isn't going to matter unless they're giving you direct and constructive advice, or unless your skills of observation are keen.

I played with some guys who were much better at the game than I am, over Skype, and they talked to me about how they figure out what to build for their characters, and how they know which kinds of characters do which roles well.

Once I understood the way they thought about the game, everything changed. However, that's extremely difficult to learn by just watching. Practice practice practice, but don't just play. Do it with the intent of improving specific skills, things like

* getting the last hit on a minion (but not auto-attacking) - this is probably the most important skill a carry should learn
* sustaining with your lane pushed in (but keeping your tower up) - this is abundantly useful if you have a jungle who's going to come help you, and any time you're solo in a lane
* learning the timing of the major spawns - knowing when to go snag the dragon with your team, so that you guys constantly get that extra 190 gold
* learning to harass - knowing the range of your character and how to hit without being hit

There are lots of little skills that go into the game, and learning each of them is important. Find someone you know who's ridiculously good at the game, and then ask them to make a list of the simplest, most important skills for playing the game (with *any* character).

Good play is the basis of everything else. Last but not least, try all of the characters, but focus on one or two. If you want to get really good, don't spread your efforts out, too thinly.

My best characters are Kog'Maw and Malphite, but I also play Soraka, Nami and Eve. I'm generally a pretty bad carry, but I still win consistently.

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For me, I have been playing League for about 2 years now, and I consider myself a decent player. One thing that I recommend to all my friends that start playing is to play tanky champions. Preferably Top Lane, and just focus on farming. Get down farming and when to engage. Become the tank for your team. It really helps you to learn to learn on tanky champions. I started playing with my level 30 friends when I was level 10 or so, and I was getting crushed. But I did catch up to their skill level and eventually surpassed them. A lot of people on here are right though. Watch high ELO games and take note of their builds and play styles. Try and incorperate it into your game play. Also, you will want to stick to a roster of about 5 - 7 champions. Any more and you can't play them all to a good enough level. I am getting crushed in Ranked whenever I play now because I try to play every role and every champion. Stick to a few. And don't play Champs that are always banned, or you will be back to square 1. Hopefully this helps!

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i feel you man. i started out horrible and when i played with my lv 30 friends its was worse. the way i play is try to get as much farm as you can and poke as often as you can so they are forced to back, and dont go in unless you know your gonna get the kill. also get items like health potions and such so if they poke you back(and they will) you have a quick health regen. all i can say from there is practice, try to think more about the strategy side of the game and youll do better i promise

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don't worry I suck

I have more looses than wins take a look at my win/lose


last game 8 kills 8 deaths plus one ally left game.
I suck SO Bad

on purpose...

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Hmmm, MOBA has the highest learning curve of any genre I've seen, so don't get too discouraged. Probably the biggest thing is to solidify the basics:

1. Laning: Matchups, last hits, when to harass vs just farm.
2. Hero and item selection: Especially the latter, build things for a reason. However, some heroes are also easier to play than others, which is a good idea when trying to learn everything else.
3. Ganks: Minimap is your friend, you need to work on when you can successfully do them, and when you yourself are at risk (#1 cause of death in LoL at low levels is getting out of position + ganked).
4. Team Fights: Learn who to target 1st and why (usually you want to get rid of their squishy damage sources), and try not to get into positions where you can get insta-gibbed unless you're a tanky initiator or something.

For someone who struggles to go positive in the majority of games, give #3 your absolute focus after the initial levels in lane. Think from the enemy perspective: if they can see you and realistically reach your position from any direction other than in front of you, you're gank bait. The only exceptions are when most of them are dead or you can physically see most of them across the map on your minimap. If you see 0-2 enemy heroes on the minimap, think VERY carefully about moving anywhere they can see you. There is nothing that will contribute to your mid-late game and win% more than thinking about your positioning carefully once you leave the laning phase. As long as you don't feed and you work well with your team, you can be a solid contributor. Once you build your basic last hit/pressure skills you can be even more.

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i play with levels 28-30 and then theres me whos level 8
all my friends say the level 28 got better quicker than i did and i shouldnt have any problem getting better
this game is super hard D: i enjoy playing ad carry but i suck, so i play support with my friends
help me plz D:

Practice until you get a champion you like and then buy him or her. Play bots until you have gotten use to his playstyle and build some good builds and go play!

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Ive been playing for three months,and im an average player,i guess i played bot games for the first 8 levels,then switched over to player games.the thing is,i suck at the game.about one time out of 20 ill go positive if im lucky.i play a lot with two of my friends that are level 30,does that make it match me up with other level 30s?idk,but what are some tips that help me get better in general,i use popular guides form the internet when i play a champion,so idk if its my play style or what.i like to kinda push agressively and i i just always get horrible scores like 0-12,0-16-2,and my most recent one was 0-11-1 please help me

You need to set goals for yourself on a game by game basis. Make sure they are attainable.. you can't just become a winning player over night.. but you can improve your cs, or make sure wards are on the map... time dragon, ping missing, etc.... just improve the little things, and the entire game will open up for you. Great players at this game do not just sit down and win... it takes practice and dedication.

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