Thoughts on Jax Build?

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Gnome ChiId

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Hey there! I've recently started playing Jax in the jungle again after taking a hiatus and I was wondering if you guys could tell me how my build is? I play him as a jungler.

START- H. Machete, 5 pots.
First B - Claw(leave it like that), Boots, prioritize IBG afterwards
After I get Gauntlet, I build a warmogs and from there this is my build by a regular late game.

Merc boots, IBG, Warmogs, BotRK, Maw, Rage Blade.

The thing is with this build, I can't really do much damage before I get sheen into IBG. I know the problem with Jax is he kinda needs to snowball for his items, but I'm not sure if I'm building him right from the jungle.
Should I start for Hextech gunblade instead of and IBG, or perhaps triforce? Although, I find that building Triforce is quite costly and I usually only build it if I'm super mega rofl fed.

Thanks for any help guys!

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Shallow Cubes

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This should get you started

I make no mention in there of Triforce, but it is a viable item. Since it is so costly, though, I usually don't make it passed getting Sheen before the game ends since I prioritize other items that are a bit more cost-effective. Sheen will definitely enhance his burst damage, though. And a completed Triforce / IBG will make Jax a bit more likely to stick while increasing his survivability.

It's all situational, as mentioned in my post that I linked to you. Some times, you can afford to pick up Sheen early, right after completing Hextech or BotRK. Other games - this might not be recommended. Just feel the situation based on how your team is doing and how the enemy team is doing.