Learning to Jungle

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Hello everyone!

I am a low elo player (1200) and I want to jungle!

My question to the community is what are the top three junglers that are a must for low to mid level elo?

And who provides the best video resources to learn to jungle well?

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It might be more beneficial to go to a specific website for jungling and get an overview. You can see which champs that you already own happen to be good junglers, AND find the cheapest junglers that you can buy.

Heres a few Ive found:

(video guide)


For practicing, do this:

Make a custom 4v4 game, with other 9 slots as bots. Make sure NONE OF THE BOTS are the champ you want to practice. ;-)

Select IGNITE or HEAL, and then the usual smite. The ignite/heal are there to compensate for the LEASH you would normally get from your team. Even in low ELO, your team generally helps do a bit of damage to help the jungler get started.

This sets it up such that you are supposed to go mid so there will be 1 enemy there. They dont push very hard though, so no biggie.

You also get a 2v2 up top and a 1v1 bottom. Not quite ideal, but its as close as you can get. This allows you to practice jungle runs, and also ganks!

One tip: When successful on a gank, dont use that gold! Set aside about 250g per kill youve gotten. You cant gank the dumb CPU wind up 7-0-2 in the first 10 min and expect this to be useful practice for how a build will acutally look like.

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The best "video resource" imo is to just watch some high elo junglers stream.

It'll get easier to do this after Worlds though, since a lot of popular streamers have gone dark to practice.

In general though, some people to watch out for are:

Crs StVicious

They all tend to jungle different styles/champs too, so it's a good way of seeing which champ or style appeals to you.