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Cracks in the Mirror [OC-centric, enter at your own risk]

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Yeah, so this idea came to me whilst I was doing the lawns (I'm strange, sue me), and after thrashing it out for a few hours, it's time to put this down on paper (metaphorically speaking).


Let me tell you a story.

Great minds have long pondered the nature of the multiverse. Some have suggested that it is like a ocean, and that the individual universes are bubbles, fragile and prone to popping with little notice. Other's have likened it to a mass of energy, with the universes simply being concentrations of said energy.

The truth is, the multiverse is a mirror. A mirror with infinite sides, a mirror that has a different world for every angle it is viewed from. But, as some may guess, mirrors have imperfections. Smears, dust. Cracks. It is these cracks that allow the creatures from the Void into worlds, and that allow aspects from one world to seep into others.

And these cracks are spreading.

For in the multiverse, cracks are caused by events. Events that have world changing effects. To discuss all these events would take eternity, so lets focus on one world.

The world of Runeterra. This is a world where magic has run rampant, nearly tearing the world apart. Surrounding this world are many cracks. Some lead to other worlds. Others, into the Void, the space between worlds. And yet more lead to Nothing. A great emptiness. That, my friend, is the real threat. For in emptiness is nothingness, and in nothingness is the greatest evil of all. The end of life.

I seek to protect life, both good and evil. I tend to the Grand Mirror, attempting to contain the cracks. But it is not enough. Evils from one world are seeping into others. And Runeterra, a world surrounded by cracks, is the next victim.

But, there is hope. Heroes, both within Runeterra and without, will stand. Whether they will survive the storm... Well, not even I know.

After all, I'm just a caretaker. The Master is gone, and the Glass Throne lies empty. And the Mirror is cracking.

--Scene break. Darius' bleed will tick one more time after the debuff fades.--

The clouds were pitch black, the moons hidden from view. The wind howled as a glow took hold across the plain. As the glow intensified, a figure came into focus. The wind whipped his cloak back and forth, the hood of which hid his features. The figure was chanting, the words long forgotten and long forbidden. However, these were desperate times. The great evil had escaped this world, and now he had to hunt it down. As he finished the chant, the glow became almost unbearably bright, illuminating the sky for miles around. Then, with the sound of glass shattering, he was cast into the multiverse, following a trail that lead Gods know where.

--Scene break. I promise I'll stop doing these at some point. Until then...--

The air was cool. Her breath was visible as she shivered slightly. One of her allies looked at her, his green eyes voicing his concern. She smiled, and she seemed to glow as she did so. He returned the smile, then adjusted his goggles and checked the glowing gauntlet. She spun her wand in her hands and smiled as she felt the sun's warmth hit her face and heard a familiar voice sound off in her head.

"Welcome to the Crystal Scar!"


Well? Thoughts? >.>

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Still Eternity

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Yes, Thoughts.

Two Things. One, this sounds interesting and promising. Two, It's far too early with not enough information about the story to give you much feedback yet. Don't concern yourself too much with what other people will say right off the bat. If your story is good, people will comment and give you your advice.

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Lux sighed as the soothing light of the Fountain washed away her wounds. The match, a showmatch organized to celebrate a new trade agreement between the citystates of Demacia, Plitover and Brandle City, was not going in her team's favour. The opposing team, consisting of Poppy, Corki, Rumble, Janna and Heimerdinger, had held an advantage since the first battle. It helped their cause that the summoners of Lux's team, which consisted of herself, Ezreal, Jayce, Teemo and Shyvanna, were relatively inexperienced.
"Still. We're having fun, and I guess that's what a showmatch is for," Lux mused out loud. She then felt the touch of her summoner's mind, his thoughts asking if she was ready. She returned an affirmative, before breaking into a run and running towards the bottom point, which Corki and Rumble were laying siege to.

--Scene break. Spell vamp is cut down to 33% when applied to AOE spells. EG, if Morg's pool does 30 damage a tick to 4 minions with 50% spellvamp, she'll only receive 5HP pre tick pre minion.--

Kayle watched as the match progressed. The purple side held a definite advantage, as she watched Lux attempt to drive Corki and Rumble from the blue team point. As Judicator, she normally was deeply involved in whatever judgements the League was making that day, but today she was, at the insistence of High Summoner Vessaria Kolminye, taking a "personal health day", as the Summoner had put it.

Thus, here she was, watching a League showmatch at the Crystal Scar. Her gab was not her runed armor, but rather the deep blue robes that she wore while preforming judgements for the League. Her wings were spread slightly, Kayle enjoying the warmth of the sun on her feathers. This, she thought, May not have been such a bad idea. In her many, many years, Kayle had not truly had the chance to simply stop and take in the world, so involved in the war for her homeworld she was. Now, though...
I must do this more, she concluded, extending her wings a bit further to catch more sun. She then blinked as she felt something. Looking around from her vantage point above the Field of Justice, she, at first, believed that one of the champions had used an forbidden spell. Then, she saw it. A glow point above the Crystal Scar. As she watched, the point grew into a orb. Unfurling her wings to their full, grand span, she kicked off from the ground and sped towards the Scar.

--Scene break. damage = pre mitigation damage - ((total resistance - flat penetration) - percentage penetration)--

Lux dodged a tornado that tore up the ground as it pasted, before rolling to a stop and quickly jumping to her feet. She then threw her wand forward, the tips of it glowing as she bent light around herself and Ezreal, shielding them from a barrage of missiles. Thanking her, Ezreal responded with a barrage of his own, his Mystic Shots whistling past the ears of Poppy and Janna. Charging past the wind elemental, Poppy jumped towards Lux, her hammer held above her head. Lux froze up, realizing there was nowhere to go. She caught her wand and raised it to cast her Light Binding, but as she did so a redish blur slammed into Poppy, knocking her out of the air.
"Your opponent is me!' Shyvanna declared, before charging forward, the ground under her feet charring as flames surrounded her. Poppy grinned, then charged with a vicious cry that one so small shouldn't really be able to proceed. As the two warriors clashed, Lux fell to the ground, panting. The protracted fight was taking a toll on her strength, and she felt like she wouldn't last much longer. She then felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking up, she saw Ezreal's face, a small smile on it.
"Go back to the Fountain if you need to. I've got this," he said. Lux looked down the lane and saw Rumble and Janna approaching again. Lux giggled.
"No, you do not have this," she said as she slowly got to her feet. She heard, in her mind, her summoner saying something about Jayce and Teemo breaking through Heimerdinger's choke point and were capturing the Windmill point as they spoke. She sent back an okay, along with rather snarky comment about being busy.
"Come on, it's not like we have to worry about Poppy," Ezreal said, pointing at where Poppy and Shyvanna were still locked in single combat. The two had struck up a somewhat violent friendship over the previous few months, and no one was stupid enough to get between the two on the Fields of Justice. Especially when they were on opposing teams.
"True. But there's still..." Lux's comment was cut off as she noticed a glowing orb in the sky. At first, she thought it was the sun, but the sun's warmth was to her back. As she watched, the orb grew in size, until it was easily the size of a Nexus crystal. Then, the orb flashed different colours: first black, then red, blue, before finally settling on a colour that defied explanation. Then, she felt the familiar feeling of her summoner taking control of her, screaming at her to look away. As she did so, the orb shattered with the sound of break glass, and the Crystal Scar was awash with light.

--Scene break. Elo is the ranking system used in chess. So why did Riot choose it for a team based game? O.o--

Kayle wisely choose to look away from the orb a split second before it shattered. As the light faded, she slowly turned back towards the Scar. The Field was covered in magical energy, wisps of which were floating in the air. Kayle worried for a moment about the effects of said magic, then the thought was completely forgotten as she saw something far more worrying.

A figure had appeared. It floated at least 50 feet above the Scar, seemingly held there by some unknown magic. The figure seemed motionless as Kayle slowly approached.
"Who are you?" she demanded, suddenly wishing she had worn her armor. The figure looked up slowly, it's face hidden from view by the hood. Then, eyes opened, glowing, mismatched eyes, one a serene blue, the other blood red.
"Who... Am I?" the voice said. It was one voice, and yet three. Three voices speaking at once. One was human, the voice of a young man. Another, the voice of an angel, serene, pure, kind. The last, the voice of a demon, bloodthirsty, callous, vicious.
"Yes. What is your name? What is your purpose in this world?" Kayle again demanded, her wings beating to keep her in place. The figure watched her wings with almost hungry eyes.
"You... Are an angel?" the figure asked.
"Yes. I am Kayle, the Judicator," Kayle replied. The figure tilted it's head as it looked at her.
"Angel... Angel... The Angels killed them..." the figure began rambling, it's hands clenching. As Kayle watched, wisps of magic began rising from the figure. Mentally, she made contact with the summoners of the match, telling them to send help. She said nothing more, however, as the figure screamed.
"The Angels MUST DIE!!" it screamed, the demonic voice coming to the forefront, before charging headlong towards Kayle.

--Scene end--

Yay for a completely out of character Kayle. Bleh, to hell with it, I claim alternative character interpretation.

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--I guess you could call the above mess chapter one. And yes, I admit, it's pretty bad up there. Guess that's what I get for writing at 3am.--

Ahhh, yes. The Crystal Scar that Weeps. That is one event I took notice of. The use of such magic is dangerous. That, my friend, is a very large crack.

To travel the Multiverse is to follow the cracks in the Mirror. The larger the crack, the easier it is to follow. The crack that the Crystal Scar that Weeps created is very large indeed. Large enough, in fact, that it can pull travellers off course.

Much like my young friend. The traveller. Yes, him. He Who Carries Great Duality. The one who fought She Who Is Blinded By Justice, He Who Flows With Essence and She Who Lights The Way. Yes, I have met him before.

He has looked upon the Truth That Shall Be Known. And he blinked. And asked one question.

"What am I?"

Chapter 2: He Who Carries Great Duality

Voices. Questions. Arguing. A young male, and a equally young female. Two older females, and a wise male, a voice deep as the ocean. Slowly, his mind awoke as image flashed forth.
crushing pain and fire as the angel seared her/him/it with firesword and the girl used his own magic against him/her/it and the boy blasted him with essence and magic
As he slowly faded into awareness once more, he was able to make out the words.
"... attacked the Judicator! He is obviously dangerous!" one of the older woman shouted. He groaned as he felt his body cry out, finally able to feel his wounds.
roars and battlecries as the dragon tossed him aside.he/she/it landed on its/her/his feet, only for a hammer to smash into its side, the blue one crying out. shouting in pain, he/it/she bent magic around the blue one and smashed her away, the dragon roaring and charging forth
"Look at him! He hasn't moved for days! Whatever was wrong with him is gone!" the young girl protested.
"Your youth and inexperience cloud your judgement, Luxanna. He may be waiting," replied the deep voice.
"Thank you, Nasus. He is right, Lux. He may still be dangerous," said the second of the older woman. He recognized that voice. The angel.
the angel spoke, as powerful magic restrained him. As her and it faded away, their strength cut away, he was left alone. powerless. pitiful. afraid.

He slowly opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings. He was lying in the centre of a dimly lit room, carved stone surrounding him. On the floor, glowing runes shone brightly. He could feel the magic from them.
"Look at the way he's dressed. Obviously not from this world. And that weapon of his," the young male said. Shifting his eyes, he saw the source of the voices. The young male was standing with his back to him, his blond hair messy and his clothes torn in several places, as if he had just finished crawling through a small space. The older women and the angel were standing beside the young male, both clad in deep blue robes, also looking away. The young woman was hidden from his view. And then there was the man with the head of a dog.
"His scent is nothing I have encountered in this world. But yet, it is not the unique wrong that surrounds the beings of the Void. Of that, I am certain," the dog-man said, his deep voice carrying wisdom. Then, he saw the last member of the small group. She stepped past the woman and looked directly at him. Their eyes met, bright blue meeting mismatched red and blue. She gasped.
"He's awake," she said. The group turned to look at him, as he slowly sat up and looked at them. Name. Better start with the name.
"My name... Is Markus," he said slowly, finding it difficult to talk. "And I'm from another world."

--And now, for a small humour (to me, anyway) segment--

Dr Viktor's Lab, The Shadow Isles....

The half robotic man raised his three hands, cackling with insane laughter.
"GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD! I have created this... THING!" Viktor proclaimed, pointing with his robotic hand at a glowing device. It was complex, magnificent and appeared to do absolutely nothing. His partner scratched his head for a moment, then leaned on his hammer.
"What does it do, Doctor?" Jayce asked.
"I HAVE NO IDEA!!!" Viktor declared. Sighing, Jayce turned back to his project, a device to warn him of the amount of sarcasm in any statement, before the lights went out. There was a thump, followed by several loud crashes, then the lights came back on.
"MY THING! IT'S GONE!" Viktor cried. Jayce, again, sighed, and ignored his insane partner's ramblings.

--hehe. I'm sorry. Also, I find this song suits Ezreal like a glove: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E78H06SoynE&feature=related--

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Let's talk characterisation and the story in general.

First off: YES, I ship Lux/Ezreal. Possible age difference aside (I know that Lux is in her late teens, but Ezreal's age is... Less obvious. He could be anywhere from late teens to mid 20s), I like the ship.

Secondly: Kayle. Haven't really seen many stories featuring her, and her lore basically says that she's a Knight Templar. Not much to work with. My Kayle... Well, she's had a lot of time to think about her actions. And I'm intending for Markus to basically go "What the hell, hero?" over the course of the story.

Thirdly: fight scenes. I know I copped out on the first one, but that's because I wrote the first two chunks of the story at 3am, and I am not pleased with them, but lack the motivation to rewrite them. ANYWAY.... The fight scenes will be based around the fact that the League limits it's Champion's power on the Fields. I mean, look at Maokai's lore. He awoke and immediately 6v1'd AND WON. It took Kayle using Intervention on EVERYONE IN THE GENERAL AREA and some of the League's most powerful summoners to stop his rampage. Lux's lore (if I remember it correctly) states that she's able to duplicate almost any spell after only seeing it once. Imagine the kind of damage she could do with some of the spells of the rest of the casters in the League.....

Tl;DR the above: Stuffs gonna explode and expect Lux to rape some poor *******s at some point with their own magic.

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O.O I'm laughing... is that supposed to happen ~.?
Whateva, here have a cookies *brings out a cookie jar filled with cookies of all kinds*

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That's the point xD I think part of me is seeing how confusing I can make this without completely losing all forms of story cohesion.

Baking hot would be an apt way to describe the Shurima Desert. The sun relentlessly blasts the golden sands, and the floating structures above them. The Floating Pyramids were one of Valoran's greatest mysteries, the mystery being who built them, and why. However, on this day where, half a world away, a young man was telling his strange story, the Pyramids were overshadowed by a greater mystery. Above the Pyramids, high in the sky, a glowing orb formed. It's light was not light, for it cast the pyramids in it's well lit shadow as it grew, expanded, until it dwarfed the structures.

Then, with the sound of shattering glass and an ungodly roar that was heard as afar as Mount Tagon, the orb shattered, revealing the form of a great dragon. The dragon was unlike any beast of flame and scale Runeterra had ever seen. It's six wings were feathered, resembling that of an angels, and it's scales were a brilliant gold in color. It's head was elegant, regal, and it's eyes shone with intelligence. And it spoke without moving it's lips, and these were it's words.
I have moved through the worlds and seen the Truth That Shall Be Known. Though this land is not my own, I judge it. And I find it wanting. I am That Which Knows And Sees All Of Gaia. I am the Divine Dragon. I am Shu'liera. I am The Creator.

And I bring death.

--Kayle's Q's damage amp applies to True Damage, such as red buff, Ignite, and Smite. Handy for stealing buffs.--

Markus paced. After answering the questions of the High Summoner and the gathered Champions, they had left the room, to discuss something in private. Left alone, he paced back and forth in his magical cage.
"Runeterra... Valoran... Powerful names," he muttered to himself, as he began pacing. He felt weak, like something was missing. Looking at the runes, listening to the twin voices in the back of his mind, he pondered the reason.
Ah. That's it. The runes are draining my strength. Keeping me contained. Evidently, this cage was created for things more hostile then me, he realized. Feeling more comfortable in this knowledge, he closed his eyes and allowed himself a small smile. He had arrived in another world. The spell had worked. His hunt had began.

And then he felt the world shake as a roar he should not be able to hear echoed in his mind. Eyes opening wide in horror, he ran to the edge of the barrier and pounded a fist against it.
"Let me out! Let me out! he'll kill us all!"

Shu'liera lazily circled one of the pyramids, his angelic wings keeping him aloft. His eyes took in his surroundings as his mind scoured the land. He sense much power in many places, power that united would be more then enough to fell him. However, the power was divided, and in some place fought against itself.
Pitiful beings. I will show them the Truth, and they will cry for release. His mental voice thundered. Then, he felt the touch of a mortal mind. The mind was fractured, broken beyond repair, and yet it was powerful and wise, filled with dark whispers and promises.
"What are you? I feel your presence, and your power, and yet I do not understand. I did not foresee your arrival," Malzahar spoke in his mind. Shu'liera chuckled.
Your mind is broken and lost to visions of horror. You would be unable to understand my Truth. Begone, Seer of The Void. I have no time for those of that dark place. Shu'liera replied, before shattering the contact. Then, he roared as a great ring of light came into being above him. The ring touched the side of one of the floating pyramids as it rose into the sky, and the pyramid shattered, it's broken form falling to the desert below.

"Let me out!" Markus cried again, hoping for a reply. Finally, the High Summoner and Kayle reentered the room.
"What is the mean of this yelling?" High Summoner Kolminye demanded. Kayle said nothing, her question already asked.
"Some... Something is here. In your world. From mine. A dragon. The Dragon. The Divine Dragon, Shu'liera. And he'll be the end of your world if you don't let me out," Markus said. The High Summoner looked at him in disbelief.
"And why should I believe you?" she asked. She then felt Kayle's hand on her shoulder.
"Because he is right. I can feel something. Something that should not be. Go to the Council. Find out what you can," Kayle said. The High Summoner looked at her elder, then nodded, leaving the room in a rush. Turning back to Markus, Kayle spoke again.
"Are you lying?"
"No," was the instant reply. Kayle noted the steel behind both his voice and his eyes.
"I will be with you at all times. If you attempt to escape, I will kill you. If you try to run, I will kill you. Are we clear?" The Judicator said. Markus nodded.
"If we fail, we'll be dead anyway. So what does it matter?"

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