Hypothesis on lanterns

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Dawn Run

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4 Hours Ago

Crackpot hypothesis time!
I believe all lanterns in league have to do with holding souls...

Not a whole lot to back this up but what I do have starts with the obvious.

Thresh, clearly states in his passive and lore that he collects souls. This alone doesn't mean all lanterns hold souls, but then we look at other champions.

Yorick. He summons ghouls which i think could be souls that he keeps in his lantern, it is not just an object to help him see while he digs graves!

Maokai. I believe that maokai holds his own soul in his large tree body, and either has another soul he has in his lantern or part of his own, and that is what he places in the sapling he so freely uses as suicide bombers, the soul simply comes back to the lantern once the deed is done.

Jax has a lamp post not a lantern.

WRIGGLES! and grez's spectral lantern.
These items have and had life steal at a point, but why would they have life steal on a lantern? The answers is simple...ALIE- no its because lanterns hold souls, and these lanterns are void of souls! Wriggles now turns into feral flare after killing which even more adds to the idea that lanterns are soul holding devices in league.

Is this in the right thread though, and what are your opinions on this insane idea.