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Would Vayne kill Annie?

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I actually sort of like this idea.

A scenario like this would show just how twisted a character like Vayne can be. Annie might be powerful, but she's still a (fairly) innocent girl; a girl that Vayne once was herself before her parents were killed.

But at the same time, is Vayne really capable of being so twisted, no matter how zealous she is in her pursuit for the eradication of evil?

Vayne is an extremist vigilante.
She does what she feels is right, not what others think, and follows only her law as the one true law. While this can be good in some cases, in others it can be horribly twisted and evil.
This is a reason why I dislike Vayne, she basically thinks that everything she does is just, no matter how cruel or immoral it is.
For example, she wants to destroy the League. How so? By killing off it's summoners and champions who she feels are evil (most, if not all of them basically).
If she did so, she would single handedly doom the continent due to the removal of the League's enforcing presence. Her actions make her closer to a villain or anti-hero rather than the shining templar she thinks she is.

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I say no...

While Vayne has extreme views of justice, she would oppose killing someone who has yet to commit evil. The capacity for evil does not equate guilt.

Best example is in the Marvel Universe, Uncanny X-Force.


Wolverine assemble a team of some of the most psychotic ruthless killers in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Angel (already infected with Archangel) are all on the team.

They deploy to hunt and kill a resurrected apocalypse. When they find him, he is just a child. And despite these people being killers the team is finally unable to pull the trigger.*

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So much debate.

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Vayne is like Batman. When things really count, she will do what is just. So she won't kill Annie. Maybe she will see herself at that age.

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Frankly, I think people overestimate how much humanity is left in Vayne. To quote from her Judgement;

With each more horrifying shriek of pain and suffering that issued from her mother, something warm and bright in Vayne died. However, in its grave were planted the first seeds of a searing, merciless, and never-ending hatred...

Does anyone -really- believe that a person like that would hesitate even for a moment, to deal with someone she not only sees as a threat, but also someone who is similar to the person who took her family from her?
If Vayne decides that Annie is evil, she'd look for an opportunity to deal with her. Her age wouldn't give her even a moment's hesitation.