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wow server down for 5 hours to maximise uptime? really?

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There is so many players with different timezones that they could in no way please everyone with the downtime schedule. It it is always going to conflict with a certain demographic of the player-base and that's just the way it is unfortunately. Just have to sit tight and be patient and appreciate all the hard work they put into this game.

That is why I don't mind that the downtime is not scheduled to a specific timeslot each week. They can pick random times every week to run their maintenance so that people with different schedules will all get a chance to play. But as long as they let us know a few days in advance.

These guys have sophisticated algorithms that apparently can predict our skill levels in the game. And they are telling us they can't predict when is the next time they need to do some server maintenance?

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**** happens.

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Well, the hamsters that power this whole mess require food, sleep and time to mate. Otherwise we'd end up with a catastrophic server outage when they all passed on. I applaud Riot's brave decision to go green with hamster power, personally.