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Add a way to report in queue - MUCH NEEDED IMPLEMENTATION

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Junior Member


I cannot count the number of games where I have encountered people who from the starting of queue, without any reason, decide to troll.

The worst happened to me right now:

Top elo enters queue, misses 2 bans in a row, I state "How can you be AFK you just accepted queue?"

He says, "what? I'm not"

"Ban a champion please"



"Who is that"

*loses 3rd ban in a row*

"Dude please at least pick a champion"

"I can't"


"They are all grayed out"

"Just click on one"

"I don't know how"

At this point we are clearly being trolled as this person has 700 normal wins, in a last ditch attempt I respond

"You press alt + f4"

"Its not working"

"You hit the X in the top right corner"

"There is a P in the top right corner"

"No on the screen"

"What is that?"

"What you are looking at"

"My pants"

"You are reading my messages and responding to them, what you are reading is the screen"

"I am not reading your messages"

*Game is about to begin, I dodge*

What Happened? Likely, accepted the match, and upon entering queue, something came up and this player refused to get a 30 minute dodge timer because they believe its not fair, they didn't know that this task was going to come up right upon them hitting accept.

So what do they do? They troll hard, trying to make someone else take the sacrifice. This is the worst display of narcissism I have ever seen in my life. But it happens regularly and I am sure hundreds of thousands of players have had similar experiences.

How can we stop it? Frankly I don't believe it can be stopped until ex-post facto. So RIOT needs to please implement a report option in queue where players can report another for this kind of behavior. In this it will save information such as team chat logs, and whether the player missed bans, randomed the champion, and what champion they selected (timed in some way so you can see if they choose mid after someone else has called it).

These cases are then taken to tribunal and treated very seriously with their punishment, because instead of having a reason (team not meshing well in game) to troll, these people choose to do it for fun, or for narcissistic reasons.

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Hugh Akston

Senior Member


You're not the first and won't be the last to post this. Riot knows and there have been MULTIPLE red posts about how they are working hard to implement this. Their explanation of why it has been difficult to implement this had something to do with the way the client and the game exchange data and record data.

Remember the downtime back in june? That week nobody could log on or play. Yeah, they were doing background mainframe updates that were leading towards data recording that would allow for reports of people in queue. They're working on it, don't spam the forums with the same request that TONS of people have already made.

Unless you have something relevant or important to add to this thread, please DO NOT POST to prevent the unintended spamming of a common thread.