My Re-worked Galio Lore

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LORE: Problems
The character and personality in lore is super endearing, but is completely unconnected to current or pass events in a meaningful way. Further more his Lore personality clashes with his in game character.

Let me ask you something... If the main plot point of Galio's back-story is... “Outnumbered and overwhelmed, Galio looked on in horror as the murderers cut down his charge...” Then why is his in game taunt “You should comeback with more bad guys.” Seems a little off putting all things considered... you would think he wouldn't want MORE bad-guys as that was kind of a PROBLEM in the past. It would be like the Green Lantern(Kyle Rayner) using a fridge to hit someone... basically really freaking inappropriate... if don't know what I'm talking about google it.

Also, He shouldn't have followed Poppy later... but rather accompanied her right away, building a real friendship and forming a bond that was part of Poppy's appointment to being the “Ambassador to Demacia”.

Lastly He needs a different deeper lore, due to how his current lore makes Blitz's lore kinda unimpressive. If the guy who made Galio made tons of things similar to him, and that guys wasn't the only one making them, and it wasn't even uncommon for these people to make them... then ether Blitz is somehow SUPER special and Galio is just a common golem that is isn't even really alive/sentient, or Blitz is just not really that unique and interesting because well... things like him have been done before and in mass quantities.

LORE: Solution
Below is a re-done Galio Lore. It keeps the good from the old and adds in a new element that could link Galio to events of the past and current.

Long before the League's regulation of such magic, mages experimented with the creation of artificial life. Now forbidden, forming golems by instilling life into inanimate objects was once a common practice for an expert craftsmen. One such visionary was the Demacian artificer, Durand. Peerless at bestowing life into constructs, His commissioned creations served as tireless guardians for the border towns of his beloved city-state, affording them some protection from their Noxian neighbors. Durand's magnum opus, Galio, came from such a border town.

Commissioned to create a guardian for the town, Durand choose as his subject an aged statue of a gargoyle that had been unearthed near the town's center. However, frustration followed as all means of magic seemed to fail to effect the ancient statue. Toiling through the night, Durand summoned the most potent magic he could bring forth until as daylight broke in the center of the town the statue's great wings flexed and spread. The statue eyes opened before it spoke. “How long?”

Durand had a replacement construct delivered to the town the same day and claimed Galio as his own personal guardian. With Galio ever at his side, Durand continued to perform his important work without fear of reprisal from those hostile to his homeland. That is, until the Noxain High Command, weary of dealing with Durand's sentinels, set their ire upon him.

As Durand crossed the Howling Marsh with Galio in tow, he was set upon in force by Noxian assassins. Outnumbered beyond all hope, Galio looked on in horror as the murderers cut down his charge, executing him then swiftly vanishing back into the mists. Confronted with his own failure, Galio despaired. For years he remained in silent solitude, standing vigil over the bones of the master he had failed to protect. A literal monument to a symbol of his own everlasting shame.

Then one day, a sad but determined yordle girl carrying a gleaming helm stopped in the shadow of a great statue to rest and wipe tears from her eyes. Hidden in plain sight from his unsuspecting visitor, Galio studied the forlorn yordle. She looked as though she too shouldered a tremendous burden. Quietly and stoically Galio moved for the first time in years to comfort the young yordle. Startled the young yordle fled, but when Galio did not give chase the small creature hesitantly returned. The little yordle's confided how she had become lost while delivering the helm to Demacia. Her determination lit a spark in Galio. Remembering the cause of protecting Demacia that his master had died defending, Galio arose from his silent purgatory and offered to lead the brave creature to her destination. He had found a new will to move, To protect Demacia with all of his sorrow.

''There is no such thing as redemption. Only penance.''
-- Galio