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Champion Auditions - Kha'zix the Voidreaver

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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I think we'll wait for our last smurf, then start the competition I think.

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Is it safe to say there has been sufficient time for the last smurf?

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Frag Pulf

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Since I already posted that it was me who was leveling a smurf I'll just comment on this. I'm one of those people who manage to find hours a day to read forums, but not hours to actually sit down and grind a couple levels. My smurf is a few exp off from being level 4 and is named AskTheBug. Sorry for the delay I caused, but like I said I get to lurk more then I get to play.

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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With that, we can officially start the competition. Those will be our four contestants.

Get to writing guys!!

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The suspense is killing me

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The Voidreaver’s thoughts came together finally after an evening kill. The vicious Voidborn cleaned the blood off his scythes with its mandibles, savoring the taste. But this kind of prey was too easy, not strong enough to help Kha’Zix’s single goal for his existence. To devour and evolve beyond his brethren and kin still in the Void, above the creatures of Valoran and sentient beings that dwelled here. He would be the highest form of predator, with no equal now and forever. This wasn’t some mere lust for power; it was his instinct to evolve to such a degree, there was nothing could change that.

That instinct would in itself change shortly.

Without warning, Kha’Zix was tackled from the side by a large beast. No. Not just any beast but a large white man-tiger with claws and a wicked blade. A being that by all rights the Voidreaver should have noticed in advance, but could not. The moment of surprise gave the man-tiger a chance to deliver brutal damage on Kha’Zix.


A piercing screech of agony brought the Voidreaver into frenzy, immediately retaliating with one of his scythes across the face of the man-tiger slicing through the left eye! At the same time, Kha’Zix manipulated his wings and legs to push off the large man-tiger and re-establish footing. The white hunter roared with anger, and the Voidreaver cried in fury, both sides clashed together, fighting and hunting each other through the dense woods, continuing the assault for hours…

Time passed slowly, but eventually a fight to the death played out over the course of a single night. The white tiger-man covered in more crimson fur than white and out of bolas, looked with one clear azure eye at his hunt. The Voidreaver with his appendages that evolved over the course of the hunt to help him win became decimated or unusable. Neither side made any progress. For the first time, Kha’Zix had an unusual feeling. Was it fear or elation? Before he could figure it out, he saw a faint smile on the face of the tiger-man who was breathing heavily. The hunter stepped back slowly, making an expression with his free hand across his own neck…

“You are my hunt…”

The hunter enters the bush behind him and disappears. Kha’Zix is on alert…but with his senses peaked during the course of the fight; he knows the tiger-man has retreated. But that doesn’t mean it was cowardly, as Kha’Zix’s leg gave out under him forcing a kneeled position. The Voidreaver was still bleeding from open wounds which were taking much longer than usual to recover.


A chuckle? The Voidreaver couldn’t understand why, but he felt the need to laugh while his mouth continued to drool. Broken and wounded, the Voidborn hungered, such an opponent-


His instinct to evolve was finally brought forth vocally, an opponent that matched him? Yes, truly a meal that could be a huge step forward for Kha’Zix’s purpose. His scythes trembled with excitement because for the first time since stepping foot here in Valoran, the Voidreaver found a worthy meal. He felt nothing before this fight, like everything was clouded in darkness and he consumed for no purpose. But now, he knows why he seeks to evolve. To be stronger than that hunter, and consume him. The Voidreaver once again cleaned his scythes; the blood was divinely delicious as he drank every single drop.

Without warning though, one of his scythes cuts straight backwards-


With a panicked scream, Ram Steed wakes up! ‘W-what the..? A dream?’ Ram thought as he covered his face, he felt a cold sweat over his whole body. He closed his eyes attempting to think…but cannot remember what he dreamt about. He looked at the time, an hour before the interview. Ram sighed and shook his head.

“Oh man it is today…”

He claps his face, attempting to remove his state of dreariness as he gets up and gets changed. Today was going to be interesting, the first interview of the newest Voidborn Kha’Zix, who surprisingly tried to infiltrate the premises of the league trying to find the Pridestalker. He almost made it but fortunately a few top summoners spotted him and managed to contain him. No deaths, but many summoners are missing limbs now and some even quit, the mental trauma was too much.

“And I have to talk with it? Ha, such misfortune.” The journalist sighed. He put on his robe and headed out to the League.

Ram Steed walked for some time through the halls, eventually to the containment wing. It was here that Kha’Zix was given a ‘habitat’ to be confined in, although the difference was that the Voidborn was…unruly. Ram could hear the sounds of the scythes grinding and slicing stone, the screeches of rage came from the Voidreaver down the long hall. Some high-summoners and researches talked with one another, considering if the current holding cell would take much more punishment.

“Um…pardon me? I am Ram Steed, independent journalist. I am here for the Kha’Zix interview…”

One of the summoners turns to Ram, fixing his glasses-

“Yes Mr. Steed, we are aware of your profession but right now the Voidreaver is enraged still over being unable to reach Rengar. It might not be in your best interest to go in.”

“Oh…” Actually the information coming straight from a League official made Ram calmer, a day not having to talk to a wild angry Voidborn means another day alive-


A bone-chilling raspy voice echoed from the confinement room, everyone turned to the sealed door-

“…Let him in. I won’t kill him. He is not worth tasting.”

Ram’s spine froze. ‘Wait! That’s not fair you were just angry a second ago, it’s a trap!’ The journalist’s thoughts rang out.

“Hmm, you seem calm now Voidborn! But why should we believe you?” A summoner inquired.

“Because I wish to have him send a message to the Pridestalker, which is why I want him alive.”

‘Gah…’ The journalist got a bad feeling about this, but his honorable newsworthy heart couldn’t bear to turn down such a scoop.

“Fine! I am coming in!”

After some discussion and reluctance, the summoners allowed the Ram in, signing about a dozen waivers and legal documents first. The inside of the room is a warm and humid jungle, quite amazing what the League can do for Champions. When the door shuts fast behind the journalist, two piercing green eyes light up in the darkest part of the bushes-

“What did you want?”

“I wanted to ask you a few questions.”

Kha’Zix’s eyes shrink, appraising the journalist. They disappear completely, and Ram Steed walks a step forwards before only slightly feeling something press against his throat on both front and back sides. Kha’Zix materializes seemingly out of thin air with a vice-lock of his blades on the poor man. Ram tried his best to hide his trembling but couldn’t help it with the Voidborn’s eyes staring at him from his side-

“Hahaha…you are so afraid. Good, you will make an appropriate messenger. Ask away fleshling.”

Kha’Zix fades away again, the deadly cutting brace loosened from Ram’s neck as the Voidborn materialized in front of him, standing a bit taller than the journalist with its scythes at its sides. After taking a moment to calm his nerves, Ram proceeds to talk-

“So, as you might be aware, in the League we have quite a few champions who you might have a relation with.”


“I was wondering, what do you think of Cho’Gath?”

“Cho’Gath?” The Voidreaver seemed confused. Ram suddenly realized that considering the circumstances it might be likely he hasn’t seen the Terror of the Void.

With a quick spell, Ram conjures a life-sized illusion of Cho’Gath to help Kha’Zix see-

“This is the Terror of the Void, it gorges and feasts on its prey, growing in size constantly…”

“Hah! A Voidborn that simply grows bigger as it eats? That one is a failure, such a weak existence. Although this Cho’Gath could serve a better purpose of being a magnificent feast to me, considering how big it is I could make a few meals out of it.”

The Voidreaver wipes a bit of drool thinking of how long it would consume the Terror. Ram shakes its head and conjures another illusion of Kog’Maw-

“This is Kog’Maw the Mouth of the Abyss. Unlike Cho’Gath it has more acidic attacks and devours its melting victims-“

“Wait, I know this one.”

Ram was surprised, as were the summoners on the other side of the gate listening in. The Voidreaver looks curiously at the illusion…and then flinches as if remembering something.

“Well, actually not this one, another of its kind. It was much smaller than this Voidborn, I ambushed and consumed it in a few bites. I wasn’t aware their kind exploded upon death, and for a week I was unable to eat correctly. Then its ‘father’ showed up, I had to retreat losing one of my scythes.”

Although the memory wasn’t a good one, Kha’Zix’s mandibles formed a smile-

“Another one that I must consume later when I have evolved…it will be delicious...”

Ram Steed coughed, and although he wanted to inquire about Rengar, another thought occurred and he decided to inquire something else.

“I see. I have another question for you, side-tracking a bit. You seem to be obsessed with evolution…”

Ram Steed reveals an image of the Machine Herald, the Voidreaver looks curiously at the illusion.

“This is Viktor the Machine Herald, the first human to follow as he puts it ‘The Glorious Evolution’. He changed almost his entire body to machinery, to evolve it technologically. I might be skimming a few things but what do you think of him?”

The Voidreaver narrows its eyes, and its mouth made something close to a grin.

“You fleshlings have such interesting ideas. I can understand this Viktor’s lust to become more than himself. But, a natural evolution will always be more supreme than an artificial one. Always

{{ I chose Viktor as the inquiry because his mission is probably the most similar in a way to Kha’Zix’s own purpose, Evolution. I wouldn’t be surprised if other people made the connection as well. }}

“I see, that brings us to my final question about Rengar-“

“You can stop right now.”

The Voidreaver immediately puts the end of one of his scythes to Ram’s throat, naturally, the journalist stopped talking.

“Allow me to make this clear. That hunter and I have unsettled business, you can ask him about it but I won’t tell you anything. Instead, you can now fulfill the end of the bargain.”

“The message for Rengar?” Ram says, his voice once again a bit nervous. The Voidreaver gets in close, its face directly in front of the journalist’s, Ram can see a bit of saliva dripping from its mandibles. It’s voice quakes with anticipation as the Voidreaver visualizes the Pridestalker in front of him-

“Tell him this word for word:”

“No Pridestalker, you are MY PREY!”


Summoner Report #3250195-09
Summoner: Alex Drabio
Subject: Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver
Observation Purposes: To analyze the activities of the Voidborn during the day.

5:30 AM: No visible activity, bushes and trees slowly wave back and forth. Assistant reminded me there is no wind in containment chamber, the Voidborn is awake.

6:15 AM: Breakfast, we (through proper safety procedures) bring a plate of different kinds of foods to the center of the chamber. Once the researcher has left we observe behavior.

7:30 AM: Food still there, Kha'Zix has not revealed himself. We still wait.

9:30 AM: Food has more than likely gotten cold by now, however we need to test battle capabilities of the Voidreaver, a 'donated dragon adolescent' was given for the testing purposes. We must be prepared to sacrifice life to save lives of others, lest we want the Void to kill us all.

10:00 AM: Dragon is released inside containment room, no reaction. The dragon looks about and lays down, it seems alert...

11:30 AM: Dragon looks over to plate of food, it must have grown hungry as it moves over to consume.

11:31 AM: Kha'Zix strikes! It waited for the dragon to be distracted and a fierce battle emerged. The Voidborn leaped from the brushes and did terrifying damage with its scythes. The dragon's breath did hurt it but the spikes launched from Kha'Zix seem to heal the Voidborn if it is close. Unusual effect that we must look into.

11:33 AM: Fight is over, Kha'Zix suffered at most moderate wounds, it is eating the dragon. I suppose as long as it gets a satisfactory meal it will wait patiently...

12:34 PM: Nothing but bones are left, the Voidborn grew magnificent wings, and proceeded to test them. The leaps have grown almost two-fold, predatory power has increased.

2:30 PM: Testing knowledge of Voidborn, we once again delivered not food but an assortment of books to the center of the containment room.

3:15 PM: Kha'Zix appears out of nowhere, his stealth was perfect. He 'sniffs' the books and kicks them aside. Although it looked like he wasn't interested he turned back around and appears to be looking at a book with a cooked chicken on it.

3:30 PM: One of the our researchers pointed out the book Kha'Zix was reading is a cook-book, with specialty into how to slice up meats and vegetables.

4:30 PM: The Voidborn is still combing through the last few pages of the cook-book, we are baffled by the Voidborn's interest in cooking. Finally it closes it and looks to a wall. Kha'Zix is scratching the wall again...

4:40 PM: Kha'Zix remains visible standing next to the wall, he seems to be pointing at it. We turn on the lights and he seems to have made a message-

'Bring me cow.'

5:00 PM: I have a headache, letting Summoner Karn take over the evening shift. Report Closed.

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...White light. All i can see is white light... Where am i?


Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver, feels around his environment with his legs and scythe-like arm before his sight finally returns to him. He finding himself on a stone platform with three others.

The games...this must be the hunting grounds...

The Voidreaver took some time to observe the area around him. To the right of him was an odd Yordle holding several weapons, potions and other oddities. To the left of Kha'Zix were his team mates: A man covered entirely with Gems of various brilliance; A woman with a lower half not unlike the creatures he saw slithering on the floors of the Jungles he used to live in; A wild looking man with twin axes, smiling and making unusual gestures at the crowd of people around them; and finally a-

Kha'Zix scans the platform and notices that the 5th champion was missing. Did the summoners lie? didn't they announce that he was part of a 5-champion team? Kha'Zix ponders on that thought before..


a brilliant column of light flashes in the middle of the platform, bringing down what looks like a man covered in fur, with eyes that glow both blue and orange.


Kha'Zix's vision immediately turned blood red as an all too familiar thrill sparks into his brain. The Voidreaver leaps and stabs Rengar in the legs with his scythe-like arms. If Kha'Zix could smile, he would be wide with ecstasy. Since his last encounter with the Pridestalker, Kha'Zix made sure to imprint everything about Rengar in his mind: the taste of his blood, the smell of his body, the feel of his fur. He remembered everything so that one day he will feast on him, absorbing the Pridestalker's power so that he, Kha'Zix, can become the ultimate Hunter, the true Predator.

Kha'Zix readies his other scythe to finish Rengar off until he notices another familiar scent: his own blood. The Voidereaver looks down and notices a large hunting knife sticking out of his carapace. This distraction was all Rengar needed to quickly thrust his left hand, aiming to decapitate Kha'zix with the twin claws mounted on said hand.


Time itself stopped in its tracks as the world around Kha'Zix slows to a halt, freezing Rengar in place just before the claws touched his neck. Summoners started appearing on the platform, yelling angrily at both Rengar and Kha'Zix.

The Voidreaver was also angry, not at the Summoners, not even at Rengar, but at Himself. He let himself be distracted like an amateur, like prey...


Kha'Zix silently made an oath to never let that happen again. To never let himself become prey. He WILL become the ultimate predator, he just needs to find the perfect time to strike.


As a journalist, Ram Steed knew that opportunities were rare and highly sought out for. If Veigar tried to steal the mothership, several other reporters would be there almost immediately to put the story in their paper. This mindset made it shocking to Ram Steed when he was given a chance to interview the newest Champion of the League: Kha'Zix the Voidreaver.

Ram left for the Institute of War with mixed feeling. On one hand, he will be the first journalist to interview this "Kha'Zix". on the other hand, he was a bit worried on why other journalists didn't take this opportunity, he can't be the first person they asked to interview this void creature...or is he?

Ram briskly walked to the Lower floors of the institute until he finally found the room where Kha'Zix has made his home. the room itself looked like a jail cell with a tropical jungle inside of it, the cell itself is sealed off with a clear Magicked wall that allowed both sight and sound to pass through.

Directly outside the hall was a frail looking woman, who literally jumped up in surprise at Ram Steed's appearance

Hello there Miss...

Ram takes a second to read the woman's name tag

Remillia Pond. I'm Ram Steed: the journalist. you were told that i was coming correct?

"y-yes! i w-was told th-that you w-were c-coming. w-would y-you l-like to talk t-to him n-now?"

poor girl. that Void creature probably scares the living hell out of her. i wonder why they would appoint such a fragile girl as Kha'Zix's handler...

Ram's thoughts were cut off as Remillia blows into a small whistle, causing the trees inside the cell to shake as Kha'Zix literally leaps right in front of the barrier bearing his scythes at Remillia

What is it Human!! Why must you disturb my feast?

Remillia doesnt say anything but instead points her finger at Ram Steed

....and you are?

*ahem* My name is Ram Steed, i just want to ask a few questions

The void creature stares at Ram before relaxing his arms

well then...ask away, being held in a cage with nothing to do can make one...desperate for stimulus...

Ram reaches in his bag for a notepad and a pen

Lets see...as a former denizen of the Void, im sure you're familiar of the other Champions from that Dimention. What are your thoughts on Cho'Gath

upon hearing the name, Kha'Zix makes a soft clicking noise that almost sounds like chuckling

I have no interest in the self proclaimed "Terror of the Void"...nor can i say that i'm terribly fond of his mission...to destroy Runeterra with the Void...

While i'm somewhat relieved to hear that, Why are you against that mission?

Kha'Zix eyes Ram amusingly

this world...is full of diversity. creatures of such different strengths and powers that i can make my own...now why would i wish the destruction of such a beautiful and...delicious world?

I...can't think of a reason.

Ram starts to feel a little afraid of the Voidreaver

Alright....Next question: what do you think of Kog'Maw?


a glint can be seen in Kha'Zix's eyes

he is...amusing to say the least. A child who fights in an arena of monsters...heh.

Kha'Zix pauses for a moment

in all...honesty, he really shouldn't be in combat at his stage of evolution...he is too pitiful...far too...young.

Alright then! now there is the obvious connection between you and Rengar-

The air around Kha'Zix seem to explode in blood lust at the Pridestalker's name

...but i was hoping if you can indulge any thoughts of Champions that you've saw on the Fields of Justice. Any particular person that interests you?


Kha'Zix ponders on the question for a moment

There...was this one Human...or at least i think she is Human...that has the ability to use Shadows...making her prey bleed with spikes that seem to come out of the ground...she also was able to turn invisible so...naturally. She seemed like a...natural-born Predator...She....interests me....

Are you perhaps referring to Evelynn: The Widowmaker?


a toothy smile can be distinguished on Kha'Zix's face

(((upon reading the lore of many characters on the LoL Client I came across a really interesting quote from Jax: "There is little mystery about her to me - She is the Ultimate Predator". Naturally, Kha'Zix's obsession on becoming the Ultimate Hunter can clash with Evelynn in interesting ways, which i intent on exploiting)))

Ok...now for the final question...Rengar what is he to you?

Kha'Zix takes a long pause before answering

to me....he is everything...A target...an adversary...

Kha'Zix smiles widely

he is the one creature to make me bleed...and for that, he will always have a place in my...heart.

Wow...It actually sounds like you dont hate him

Kha'Zix leans in closer to Ram

Know this: i will kill him, i will feast upon his carcass, and i will place myself as the ultimate Hunter of this world...but hate does not guide me at all...

Then...what does guide you?

...just the thrill of the hunt....


Remillia's diary - DAY 1 as Kha'ZIx's caretaker

8:00 AM - i seriously wonder what kind of sin i must of commited to look after this...thing. its already been 5 minutes since iv'e introduced to this "Kha'Zix" and i already feel like he thinks of me as food. so far he's been jumping in between the trees of the cell, maybe he does that to exercise

10:00 AM - its only been 2 hours and i already screwed up. the dampness of this cell is starting to kick off my allergies and in my coughing fits, i accidentally lifted the Barrier spell from the entrance of his cell. it was only a second later when i found myself on the floor with a giant Void creature on top of me, bringing his scythe like arms towards my neck. I survived...somehow when the Bug cut into my skin, once the blood made contact with him he sorta paused there and hastily ran towards the cell. When i was putting up the Barrier the bug just sort of stared at me in fear...well actually no, fear is not the right word, its more like he was looking at me with disgust...like i was carrying a disease or something

12:00 PM - The bug actually started to talk to me. i dont know why he started now but it went along like this:

Bug: ..how are you alive?
Me: h-huh?
Bug: ...i was going to eat you...but when I tasted your flesh and blood...there was only weakness...
Me: ...
Bug: in the natural world, the Strong consumes the Weak in order to nourish themselves...but here you are...still alive....why hasnt some stronger creature consume you yet?
Me: ...j-just because I-I'm physically weak d-doesn't mean i c-can't thrive.
Bug: ...so the weak survives and thrives in your world?
Me: yes th-they can. Why d-does this b-bother you so m-much?

2:00 PM - The bug just devoured a live cow right in front of me. the sounds that it made were enough to make me feel sick to the point where i had to run out...when i came back, any trace of that cow was gone. The Bug was staring at me, like he was waiting for me or something...

4:00 PM - I was reading my favorite book when the Bug started talking to me again:

Bug: ...i grow restless...
Me: im sorry?
Bug: i have killed all the creatures that were provided in this...mockery of a forest...i have tried and train myself in stealth but quickly noticed no progression...i have grown bored...
Me: ...m-maybe you should g-get a hobby
Bug: ...a hobby?
Me: s-something to get your mind off of the f-fact that you a-are bored
Bug: ...is that...what you are doing right now?
Me: i g-guess you can say that. I'm reading a b-book on inspiration q-quotes.
Bug: ...quotes?
Me: yes. the sayings of great people. used to provoke...thoughts...i guess
Bug: ...like what?
Me: uhhh...l-lets see...oh here's s-some good o-ones..."Forgive your enemies but always remember their names"
Bug: ...
Me: uhhhh..."There is nothing to fear but Fear itself"
Bug: *chuckles* whoever....made that quote obviously...didn't experience true fear...
Me: ....and f-finally..."To truly understand a man, walk a mile in his feet"
Me: are you ok?
Bug: ...yes...I'm fine...

6:00 PM - well thats the end of day one, i guess all and all it wasn't too bad...the Bug went into one of the trees and hasn't come down so i assume he's sleeping. Hopefully i'll get out of this job alive and with my limbs...i still can't get that look he gave me out of my head...maybe i am sick with something...

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Halfway done. Not bad so far.

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There isn't a character limit on these task right?