Aegis of the Legion, worth it .. ?

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oh geeze, cmon people.
no it's not worth the gold you spend with it, I've bought it lots of times before, and after being yelled at in high elo, and seeing no noticeable difference, I try to push people away from purchasing it.
If for whatever reason you're building an all aura champion "clown town items" then go ahead and buy it.

and as far as having everything you want MR/Armor, Guardians Angel has always been my favored.
Guardians Angel gives less HP and less gold efficient without the passive, and unless you're a fed damage dealer than Aegis probably better.

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Aegis should be bought by the support or jungler. Usually the jungler. This way your ganks are much less likely to go south, as you have decent all-round defenses and a decent damage buff.

Boots, HoG, Phil, Aegis on Skar? Faceroll Same on Mao? Faceroll. Same thing on Shyv(minus Phil)? Faceroll. Udyr? Mundo? You see a trend here? Any tank or tanky-DPS jungler should get it immediately after their GP10, and afterwards get a Warden's and Reverie to further push advantages, excepting manaless champs. There are of course exceptions, such as Jax, Noct, depending on early ganking success.

The item is cost efficient when two people utilize its aura, and it only gets better when more people do, and even better with higher AS.