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**TheOddOne is a Reptilian Humanoid and I have the evidence to prove it.**

-One obvious characteristics of Reptilians is that they blink a lot, and in this video [here] TheOddOne blinks 4-6 times per second.

-He once had a skin condition in which he literally shed his skin! As discussed [here] it's obviously apparent that reptiles shed their skin and TheOddOne can do so too.

-Most reptiles sleep with their eyes partially open because of their distinct eyelids, in this [video] they capture TheOddOne sleeping with his eyes partially open.

-If you haven't heard about the [Reptilian Humanoid Conspiracy], it's about Reptilians plotting to take over the world and rule the human race. And guess what? *TheOddOne has already fooled us into calling him "The General."*

-And lastly, it's in his username! Just think about it? TheOddOne that sounds pretty damn suspicious to me.

Wake up Sheeples!