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October MCCC - Delightfully Frightening!

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just wanting to point out im not seeing many moves that involve "fear" so try and work on that. Btw just ask an ill give u a in depth review of ur champ specifically

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Just to double-check: week one only requires skills. No lore, etc, right?

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correct week one just skills

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just wanting to point out im not seeing many moves that involve "fear" so try and work on that. Btw just ask an ill give u a in depth review of ur champ specifically

Point to OP post:
Frightful Aura: Fear is everywhere! to be really scary, you must exhibit fear wherever you go. Whether it be a gaze, or a aura of darkness, your champion must affect champions or minions (poor things) around them or around a focal point. Your champion must have an Aura or an AoE effect (like lux's slow) on a skill or a passive. Despite the name, the aura/aoe effect does not need to cause fear. that would be very monotonous.

Thus, there isn't much use of fear. Else, do make some changes to OP to make people want to use fear more (ie: Fear with special effect, like Hecarim). You can also add points for usage of these skill type/effect but at the risk of losing some as well (gamble bonus, where one do not need to do but if done uniquely, it will add more points to their total score. Failure to make it hit the mark will, in return, cause a deduction in overall points). If you use method B, do note down that adding these points will never exceed the base cap points since it would be unfair to others who never do it but still nett about the same points as the opposition but lost to an overcapped point value.

Off-topic but still on the discussion of this event. While most of it resembles that you want something that is from SpookyVille, you never actually requested for something like that. Thus, a support champion that has it's lore and background non-spooky should not be penalized right? Also, if you really want to go for a spooky theme, suggest you do mention it in your requirements next time, too many loopholes to what I would believe is a directed route like the above mentioned non-fear usage.

While saying that you encourage the use of fear but not limit it to only fear, I sense that you are trying to lighten up the building process and results of similarly build fear mechanics. While this is good to the judges' eyes and it does, to some degree, allow for a wider build of skills, limiting it would result in being able to pick out a more discerning skill build and/or skill set from the rest of the not-so-bad-but-not-so-good designs. Just a food for thought since coming from DotA events of a similar kind.

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Yom'Daig, Spawn of Ouroboros

Tags: Ranged, Support, Tank

Yom'Daig is a massive armored spider hailing from the Void, with a direct link to Kog'Maw whom says it is, "Big Bro with lots of yummy snacks!".

Yom'Daig primary role is to support the team's AD Carry. It punishes ability spammers with the Innate increasing ability cost. It provides a unique niche to willingly reposition both allies and enemies when they stumble into range, or land a skillshot and then drag them towards it. Yom'Daig can also create portals with its ultimate to move champions around the battlefield for ganks or escapes.

It can also tank due to its ability to draw fire from its teammates with portals and eating allies to hide them from the enemy, along with splitting damage between targets affected by one of its abilities called Symbiosis. However, with supports spending a good portion of their gold on wards, a tank Yom'Daig is more often seen in the Middle or Top lanes.


Concept Art made by me is seen as below. I do not claim © for Teemo and is only added for size comparision and poor humor. When I find more time I'll do new art in color and make my own ability icons. Not too keen on using other persons' icons unless they were made specifically for the champion, even if the icons are amazing!




Still Number Crunching, let me know if something looks off

Attack: 3
Defense: 9
Spells: 5
Difficulty: 10

Health 445 (+85)
Health Regen. 7.15 (+0.60)
Mana 210 (+55)
Mana Regen. 7.15 (+0.8)
Range 425
Attack Damage 48 (+3.8)
Attack Speed 0.621 (+1.10%)
Armor 20 (+3.10)
Magic Res. 30 (+1.25)
Mov Speed 300


Damage and Scaling will not be finalized until week 3.

[Innate] True Terror:
Type: AoE
Debuff Duration: 5 seconds
Range: 1000
Target Type: Enemy and Ally
Damage Type: Magic

Basic Description:
Whenever an ability is cast around Yom'Daig, all nearby champions gain a stack of True Terror, increasing the cost of their abilities by 15%, up to 10 stacks. Each stack of True Terror lasts 5 seconds. When the maximum number of stacks are reached the target takes 40 / 80 / 120 / 200 magic damage (+0.1 ability power).

Specific Details:
Champions affected by Ingurgitation do not take damage when True Terror reaches its number of maximum stacks, but can now stack up to 100 times. Yom'Daig is immune to its Innate, along with the enemy Yom'Daig should there be one. Individual stacks cannot pop spell shields but the maximum stack damage proc will.

Champions affected by True Terror have a small particle of yellow light floating around them, the particle grows larger for each stack of True Terror, as well as glow brightly for each application applied.

[Q] Yawning Chasm:
Type: AoE (Self)
Debuff Type: Fear/Slow
Debuff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Range/Radius/AoE: 500 / 1000
Cost: 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 / 105 mana
Cooldown: 60 / 55 / 50 / 45 / 40 seconds
Channel Time: 3 seconds
Target Type: All
Damage Type: Magic

Basic Description:
Absorbs all stacks of True Terror in the area over 3 seconds healing himself (2 / 4 / 6 / 8 /10, +0.2% Maximum Health) for each True Terror absorbed as well as a bonus effect depending on Ingurgitation.

(Defult or without Ingurgitation active on Champion): deals (75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175, +0.8 ability power) magic damage that fears all nearby enemies caught in the blast while slowing enemies the closer they were to the blast radius.
(With Ingurgitation active on Champion): Absorbs all stacks of True Terror in the area over 3 seconds, transferring it directly to the devoured champion.

Specific Details:
As long as Yawning Chasm is cast while Ingurgitation is not active on a Champion, it releases the AoE damage. The fear radius is 500 yards, all targets caught beyond 500 yards are instead slowed by 50%, decreasing its potency by 10% every 100 yards.

Yom'Daig opens its maw completely as it plants its claws firmly in the ground, causing all particles of True Terror to shine brightly then rush to Yom'Daig's mouth, forming a swirling ball of yellow energy directly overhead that grows based on True Terror stacks absorbed.

(Default or Ingurgitation without Champion): Yom'Daig begins to shake violently and the ball of energy explodes, covering the surrounding area in a mass of dark yellow energy, if more than 100 stacks are gathered that resembles a snake eating its tail.
(Ingurgitation active with Champion): Consumes the ball of energy and clamps its mouth shut, then spits the Champion out which ends Symbiosis if the consumed champion was attached.

[W] - Ingurgitation:
Type: Target
Duration: 6 seconds
Range: 200 units
Cost: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 mana
Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 seconds
Cast Time: 0.5 seconds
Target Type: Enemy / Neutral or Ally
Damage Type: Physical / Magic

Basic Description:
Swallow the target whole dealing 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 physical damage, trapping them in Yom'Daig's belly for the next 6 seconds as it applies a stack True Terror every second. True Terror stacks are consumed every 0.5 seconds while in Yom'Daig's belly. Yom'Daig forms a barrier blocking ( 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175, +10% of target's maximum life) damage around itself, if the shield breaks the target is freed.
(Enemy/Neutral): Deals 1% of the target's maximum life for each stack of True Terror consumed.
(Ally Champion): Heals 1% of the target's maximum life for each stack of True Terror consumed.

Specific Details:
If a target is slain by Ingurgitation Yom'Daig regains 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 mana. Yom'Daig's movement speed decreases by half while Ingurgitation is active. Symbiosis' damage sharing aspect does not proc from damage to barriers such as Stand United or Ingurgitation.

Pops enemy Spell Shields, but the physical damage is still applied. Dragon and Baron can only be affected by the physical damage of Ingurgitation and cannot be consumed!

(Without Symbiosis): Yom'Daig opens its mouth and swallows the target.
(With Symbiosis): YomDaig jerks it body and drags the unit towards him, after the target enters its mouth it clamps shut.

[E] - Symbiosis:
Type: Skillshot
Duration: 10 seconds
Range: 950 units
Projectile Speed: 1800 units
Cost: No Mana
Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds
Target Type: Enemy or Ally

Basic Description:
Launch a tendril in the selected direction attaching to the first champion hit, when successful vision is granted as long as the tendril is active. The tendril automatically retracts when Yom'Daig takes ( 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300, +10% Bonus Health). Activate again to cancel the ability.

(Enemy Champion): 12% / 24% / 36% / 48% / 60% of the damage taken by Yom'Daig is also taken by the target. If possible, it drains 3% their resource pool every 5 seconds and restores 3% of Yom'Daig's mana pool every 5 seconds.
(Ally Champion): 8% / 16% / 24% / 32% / 40% of the damage taken by the target is shared with Yom'Daig. If possible, Yom'Daig drains 3% of his mana pool every 5 seconds and transfers it to the target, granting them 3% of their resource pool every 5 seconds. The cooldown of Symbiosis is also reduced by 50%.

Specific Details:
Ingurgitation automatically selects the target affected by Symbiosis and drags the target towards Yog'Raig. Ingurgitation applies True Terror twice as often if the target is affected by Symbiosis. Yom'Daig's tendril must hit with a champion to attach, but will go on immediately on cooldown if it misses. Pops enemy spell shields.

Yom'Daig fires a tendril from its mouth, if it misses the tendril is dragged back into its mouth.
(Enemy): The tendril connects with the target and glows red as the energy flows towards Yom'Daig.
(Ally): The tendril connects with the target and glows green as the energy flows away from Yom'Daig.

[R] - Craw of Ouroboros:
Type: AoE
Buff/Debuff Type: Knockback
Duration: 4 seconds
Range/Radius: 650 / 100 units
Projectile Speed: 3600 units
Cost: 100 / 150 / 200 mana
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Cast Time: 0.5 seconds
Target Type: All
Damage Type: Magic

Basic Description:
(Passive): Every 3rd / 2nd / 1st Basic Attack applies 1 stack of True Terror.
(Active): Fling a spine to the target area that explodes for (50 / 100 / 150, +0.5 ability power) magicl damage on landing and knocks back enemies to create a portal that lasts 4 seconds. when activated again another portal is formed with the same method at new area that lasts as long as the first portal remains. A third activation will manually close the portals. When 4 seconds expire, the portals consume an additional 100 total mana per second to sustain themselves.

Specific Details:
If a target affected by Symbiosis enters a portal and the other afflicted unit does not follow by the time the portals close, Symbiosis is automatically cancelled. This counts for an enemy Yog'Raig's portal as well! Anything besides basic attacks can travel between the portals, however creatures have a 1 second cooldown after exiting a portal before they may reenter a new one.

Mana is only consumed on the first cast and when the portals must be sustained. Initial damage pops enemy spell shields, take advantage or enemies not having the knockback to save them from instantly being teleported.

The exit point of the first portal is always facing the direction of Yom'Daig when it was first placed, while the second portal's exit is always faced away from Yom'Daig when first placed. Think of it as a door opening.

A massive spike on is jettisoned off its Yom'Daig's back and explodes on impact, leaving behind a portal with Violet luminescence as tall as Yom'Daig. An identical second portal is formed when used again, but is instead Blue. When the portals die they expand momentarily then shrink into nothingness, which has no affect on the range radius during the animation.

Enemy Yom'Daig portals are Orange for the first portal and Red for the second!


Recommended Summoner Spells:
Land clutch Symbiosis skillshots and Yawning Chasm in the middle of the fight, also escape if you don't like setting up portals.
Watch Shen soil his pants when he ultimates into a fight then sees a portal open and 3+ champions suddenly appear. All around awesome.
Traditional Support Spell in Competitive play, Vision = Information = Map Control = Objectives = Ganks = Win.
Another Traditional Support Spell, although taken more often in Solo Queue for lane dominance.
Activate before using Ingurgitation, enemies will be extra wary of you in lane.
The above summoner spells are more useful on Yom'Daig, but regaining life is always good.
"Dine and Dash" Lets you run faster with Ingurgitation, I would rather roll with any of the above before taking Ghost.

If something isn't here it's not worth mentioning, unless it's Proving Grounds, then Barrier all the way.

Recommended Build:
Passive Support:
9 Flat Armor Marks, 9 Flat Armor Seals, 9 MR per level Gylphs, and 3 Quintessences of Avarice.
Aggressive Support:
9 Flat Armor Marks, 9 Flat Armor Seals, 9 MR per level Gylphs, and 3 Quintessences of Swiftness.
Bully in Middle:
9 Flat Armor, 9 Flat Armor Seals, 9 Flat MR Gylphs, and 3 Quintessences of Flat MR.
Bulling AD Top:
6 Attack Speed / 3 Flat Armor Marks, 9 Flat Armor Seals, 9 MR per level Gylphs, and 2 Quintessences of Armor and 1 Attack Speed.
Bullying AP Top:
9 Attack Speed Marks, 9 Flat Armor Seals, 9 Flat MR Gylphs, and 3 Quintessences of Flat MR.

Need to upload images of Mastery Trees
0 / 16 / 14
Mid Lane Bully:
9 / 21 / 0
Top Lane Bully:
9 / 21 / 0
Portal Jokey:
0 / 11 / 19

Tier 2 Boots, Shurelya's Reverie, and Aegis of the Legion, with the luxury item Chalice of Harmony/Athene's Holy Grail if mana fiend.
Mercury Treads, Shurelya's Reverie, Warden's Mail, Aegis of the Legion, Ionic Spark, and Force of Nature.
Against Heavy AD:
Armor Tabi, Philosopher's Stone, Frozen Heart, Aegis of the Legion, Sunfire Cape, and Zhonya's Hourglass.
Against Heavy AP:
Mercury Treads, Shurelya's Reverie, Wit's End, Aegis of the Legion, Force of Nature, and Frozen Mallet.
Carry like a Bwass:
Mercury Treads, Frozen Mallet, Ionic Spark, Chalice of Harmony, Zhonya's Hourglass, and Rabadon's Deathcap.
Portal Jocky:
Mercury Treads, Rod of Ages, Athene's Holy Grail, Archangel's Staff, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Wit's End.

Ability Hints:
Symbiosis is still active while a target is devoured but automatically removed after Ingurgitation ends.

Ally minions cannot be affected by Ingurgitation, purely based on the deny factor.

Stacking Mana Regeneration is good, but last hitting with Ingurgitation can save money for useful items like Omen or Ionic Spark. Although I suggest carrying at least one mana regeneration item if you're a Portal Jockey.

Ingurgitation causes the target to become untargetable and safe from outside effects, rare cases like Wish still go through. Applications used prior to Ingurgitation such as Ignite are still active.

Targets affected by Ingurgitation do not take damage nor lose the debuff from True Terror when they reach the maximum number of stacks, as another mechanic takes over while in Yom'Daig's belly.

Craw of Ouroboros can not only work on enemies, but even projectiles such as Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow!

Zhonya's Hourglass does not interrupt Ingurgitation, but does interrupt Yawning Chasm.

Teleport is also an extremely powerful tool. Placing a portal around its ally champions and teleporting to the objective then dropping a second portal can bring its entire team to the fight, at the expense of the significant mana cost.

A skilled Yom'Daig will know to Craw of Ouroboros at the end of Dragon and Baron in the most obvious direction an enemy global ultimate will come from to prevent a steal, if a champion of that caliber is present in a match.


Currently debating if I will give the option to enemy consumed targets to Auto-attack to break themselves out of Ingurgitation.

Should I make Symbiosis a skillshot or target/click? Skill shot will have the resource transfer attached but target/click will not have that luxury.

Should I allow Ingurgitation to work on Allied minions?

Only the Void could make a monstrosity known as the Ranged Tank!

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Saycer, The Crypt Scarab
Melee anti-ad caster: like Galeo, but for anti-ad
The longer he is focused, the more damage he takes (due to passive). He is bursty in nature, but benefits his team by hugging the enemy ADC (Due to his E). So do you try to run and live, or stay close and die.

Passive: Exoskeleton
Gains +15/20/25/30/35/40 (increase every 3 lvls) armor. Each time Saycer takes damage from a champion, his armor is reduced by 5. If Saycer takes no damage for 10 seconds, his full armor is restored.

Q: Cursed Bite
Saycer empowers his jaws with his curse. His next attack deals bonus magic damage and renders the target unable to auto-attack for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and afflicts them with Grievous Wounds, reducing all healing effects by 50% for the duration.
60/100/140/180/220 (+0.8AP)
Cooldown: 10
Range: 200
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90

W: Winged Buffet:
Saycer flies to a location, buffetting the location with his wings.
Buffet deals 100/130/160/190/220 (+.7AP) AoE magic damage and slows enemies by 15/17/19/22/25% for 3 seconds.
Cooldown - 16/15/14/13/12/11 Sec. cooldown
Cost: 65/72/79/86/93
Range: 600

E: Sirocco:
Saycer creates a sandstorm AoE around himself. Enemies in the sandstorm have -5/10/15/20/25 AR/MR, 10/15/20/25/30% AS debuff, and a 15/20/25/30/35% increase to ability cooldowns.
8 sec. Duration
Cooldown - 20 Sec.
Cost: 85
Range: 450 radius

R: Infestation of the Tombs
Saycer releases a flood of flesh-eating scarabs in a cone in front of him, infesting his enemies.
Infested enemies take 100/175/250 (+0.6AP) damage per second for 5 seconds and are feared for 1/1.5/2 seconds.
If an enemy dies before the 5 seconds is up, the infestation spreads to a nearby enemy, dealing dmg for 2.5 seconds and fearing them for 1 second.
Infestation cannot spread from minions to champions.
Cooldown: 120 sec.
Mana Costs: 120
Cone range/width: 500
Infestation Range: 650

Saycer knelt down to the sarcophagus and gently sprinkled his mummified pharaoh with the scented oils and perfumes required for the final steps of the ritual. His acolytes sat around him in a circle, chanting the words or power, strengthening the spell. He raised his dagger, sliced into his palm, and clenched his bleeding fist over his king. "The blood is freely given, from one who is loyal, from one who loves," Saycer intoned, "May the evils of hell be visited upon upon any who disturb you." The acolytes rose and closed the lid of his king's gilded coffin, completing the ritual, and fully binding the curse. It felt heavy on the air, portentous, and Saycer was pleased; it was stronger than any he had made before.

Saycer heard a hissing in his ear "Stay with him, old priest, the Overworld is now mine!" And the world went black. Saycer awoke to the dwindling torchlight and a splitting skull. The chamber to the crypt was closed and locked. He had been buried alive with his king, beaten and betrayed by his own acolytes. Here he wasted away, left to die in his crypt.

"Maybe I should have brought a map… The burial chamber has to be..."

The last he remembered was catching and eating the insects in the crypt, trying to stay alive, and slowly fading into death. Now he was awake, full of strength, with no hunger or thirst. He should have seen only darkness, the torches having been long dead, but he saw the room quite well. He should have been dead.

He slowly arose, confused, trying to take stock of the situation. He was interrupted by scraping at the door: someone was outside the chamber. He was being rescued! The heavy stone door slowly swung open and Saycer saw a freakish man standing in the doorway. He was washed out in coloring, with hair yellow like the sands. Saycer raged. This man was no ally, no friend, here to rescue him! This was a grave robber, here to defile his pharaoh! Saycer flew at the man, enraged, and was blasted with arcane energies in the face. The man immediately took flight from the tomb and got away. When Saycer recovered from the explosion he saw a bright trail on the ground before him. The stink of his curse was trailing from the defiler, marking him for death.

As the rage subsided, Saycer took notice of himself. The curse had revived and transformed him. He was reborn, a hideous scarab, a cursed shell of retribution. He felt full of strength, unlike ever before, and flexed his new, powerful body. His curse had been strong, indeed. He set out along the path the defiler had left trailing behind, and followed it to the gates of the Institute of War. No one could outrun the Curse of Saycer.

"Did you see that giant beetle!? What was THAT?!" - Ezreal

Base stats
Health 440 (80/lvl)
Mana 230 (50/lvl)
Dmg 56 (3.3/lvl)
Atk spd .7 (.005/lvl)
Move spd 315
Range 125
Health regen 7 (.75/lvl)
Mana regen 7 (.7/lvl)
Armor 15 (4/lvl)
MR 30 (1.25/lvl)

Edit 1:
Added Lore
Edit 2:
Tweaked Lore for readibility and style.
Edit 3
Stats added

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I find it a bit odd that MCCC always requires that the abilities be presented first. I'd personally like to see the option for contestants to present either Lore or Abilities by the end of week 1 because not all ideas start with spells -> lore.

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Still Eternity

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I find it a bit odd that MCCC always requires that the abilities be presented first. I'd personally like to see the option for contestants to present either Lore or Abilities by the end of week 1 because not all ideas start with spells -> lore.

Hmm. That's an interesting idea. I don't see much reason why not. Especially considering some ability ideas can be spawned FROM the lore of the character.

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Retarded Soldier

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Frightening Facades: If you are going to be Delightfully Frightening, you must don a frightening facade. AKA, you wont be a human for this night, go be something else, just non-human. Doesn't matter if your face looks like urgot, you ain't frightening enough (unless you look like a teemo shroom, those are scary). Whatever you do, your champion must not be human. consider the details that define your champion, like claws, or extending arms and such.

Just a question about that, I have a epic champion idea and she is not really a human but thats only when she ult (she enters her true form) bt the rest of the time she looks pretty normal.
Is that okay or is it cheat?

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Still Eternity:
Hmm. That's an interesting idea. I don't see much reason why not. Especially considering some ability ideas can be spawned FROM the lore of the character.

I posted my lore first then about 2 hours later I posted abilities.