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Advice for playing at High Ping

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i guess we are just destined to play at a level far below our potentials, then?

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Hey man i share your pain, i even use to play a fps with 260+ ping against people with under 20, they best thing to counter this is to learn how to predict when and what they're gonna do, or get a tethered internet connection, i use wireless broadband so i know where the high latency comes from.

Just learn to predict and you should be fine, i wouldn't suggest doing ranked until you can get the hang of predicting etc.

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I play on 200 ping from Asia. Generally, I do better on NA than on the local server (20 ping). That would be because I'm really, really used to my NA ping and am able to compensate for the minor delay.

ie just get used to it. Mind reading OP.

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I know how you feel, my ping bounces up to 1530 sometimes, but most of the time floats between 400-800, all because of one little thing: my dad is watching youtube on his laptop. thats it. i guess his laptop is hogging the internet, i dont know. but when he isnt on, my ping is a stable 50ish. The only advice I can give you is to make sure there is little to no interference (if there is even a possibility) and make sure you use a wired connection. As someone previously mentioned, you might be better off using the Asian server from Oceania. Only thing is, you will be seeing languages unlike no other.

It sucks to play with high ping, I wish there was something we could do, but at this point it just depends on the ISP and your connection type. AVOID WIRELESS

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im from nz, i was thinking of playing the asia server, but actually managing with my 160-180ping, it's not that bad.

when my ping was 250 it was a huge difference, i think anything above 250 is pretty hard for skillshots.

i actually main AP Caster's too, 160-180 ping is fine for it, but once it's 250+ it's hard to land them.

Also, i'd think that AD Carriers are probably the easiet, since you just left click champs all day long. Positioning will be a problem thou, but i'd think that AD Carries, Bruisers & Support would be your best choice. AD Carries for fun (since positioning is a huge part, and you'll need low ping for that), and probably Bruisers & Support for serious match-ups.

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Lord Vath



Yeah, I ran into the same issue for a few months. I played malphite, rammus, and Amumu - characters who can do AOE damage and don't need lightning reflexes to disrupt the other team.

I guess...

Tank: malphite, rammus, and Amumu
Tanky AD: Shyvana, maybe Darius
ADC: Corki (good escapes and long range safe poke for minions)
AP carry: Anivia? Not sure - it's really dangerous to play this role at high ping
Oddballs: Heimer and Teemo can both contribute with slow reflexes a lot of the time. Teemo through map control and Heimer by simply not needing fast reactions
Support: Soraka and Sona

About Darius,at higher pings like mine (650+) his Q is near impossible to use for harass early game. But I will say if you're somewhat competent with him, his late game is still a scary sight to see.

Also Teemo APC is fun to play, normal and high ping you really don't need to have 5 ping to play him, just know where to place shrooms and how to Q/Auto people.