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Compete with Honor!

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Is it ever going to be possible to collect all 4 ribbons? That'd be epic, one in each corner or something. Maybe even have them in conjunction with gold, silver, etc., borders.
Can anyone in Riot tell me why that's not on the cards?

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Please give me an answer. I know a lot of people have ribbons like Mentor and Teamwork that they like but then it gets replaced by another ribbon but you don't like that ribbon as much. Please is there a way to change which ribbons you want to show?

I had a green ribbon, then I got blue then after people kept giving me teamwork it changed to green again. I really liked having my Mentor ribbon more. Please Lyte answer us.

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It seems that the honor initiative has lost a lot of steam because there are not any real benefits to giving and receiving it.
I thought about some non-game breaking benefits for using the honor system.

You could give an additional ip bonus if other people give you honor (somewhat hesitant to use because people could exploit that)

People with higher honor could get in to lobbies with other people with high honor. -Basically the un-honored would be separated.

Give high honor people additional lobby options. Such as unpenalized lobby dodging or more likely to be the team captain.

Give high honored people an extra free to play champ or just straight up give them a champ as a reward for earning the ribbon

Allow them to use the honor to buy skins.

I think any of these would encourage people to honor more often.
The problem is that any reward system will be abused by some people.

You probably will not be able to catch all the people who abuse the system but making examples of a few players should make other people at least a bit more cautious.

You can deny people you catch the ability to gain honor (either a period of time or forever if your not forgiving).

Give the players you catch a black ribbon, a visible sign that they do not have honor.

Make it so the penalty that lobby dodgers get is assigned to the abusers as well. Most people would not scam the honor system if they have to wait an extra 5 -10 min every time they want to play a game.

Let me know if you like any of my suggestions please.

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Good idea but I don't think it will be as effective as you originally put it out to be.

This is a post on the first page... and it's so true.. Everything was awesome the first week it came out. People were acting good, less typed out rage, ( I know I raged in person and not in game ) It made the game much more enjoyable.. But now people have gotten ribbons, and thought they were untouchable, lost their ribbon and was like "Scroo this i lose my ribbon no one's getting my honor!!!" Quite bs if you ask me.. How someone can manage to accumulate 200 teamworks and not get a ribbon is beyond me.

The Honor system worked for a week, and now it's dead, useless and meaningless. Plus you can't even keep the ribbons you like if you wanted to have the purple or yellow and not the common green or red. GG pretty lame

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Pulsefire EzreaI

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What's the initiative for Honor now? Other than a pretty ribbon, I still get placed with people who tell me that they want to kill me, tell me to kill myself, uninstall, etc.

I don't really see a use for honor other than a cosmetic item.

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I'd prefer seeing this honor put to use, preferably to counter being reported by groups of premades who are soley out to ruin people's games, harass, etc. There are several games where I can rack up a lot of honor in solo queue matchmaking, turn around, get dropped into a 4- man premade insistent on only chatting through skype, feeding, only saving their friends, and in return I just get a fat 4 reports. This happens a lot to me, not sure if anyone else realizes it. Would like to see this honor system rebuttal reports since I usually end up with a lot of honor points and lose them all just by a couple of games from people that report nothing. I have proof of games and cases where I have 2 legit reportable games, and 3 that are just fodder to add to the case. I don't like how this honor just pools up.

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Dunno about everyone else but I've noticed a HUGE drop off in honors giving in general. I am sort of streakish with my awards, but must admit I've used the system less also. Also seeing far fewer ribbons, lost mine--meh.

Anyhow, is this a system that only works in the higher ranks? Almost made gold this season, saw a few there, but the honorable opponent has all but disappeared from my vantage point, and that's in both ranked and normals.

^ This.

I loved the idea of honour and the fact that it did do a reasonable amount of reduction in terms of swearing, rage-quitting and the like, though. The ribbon on your username still stands for something - it means that a LOT more people look up to you, since it's rarer now. But, to the lazier players, the ribbons now look almost unattainable. People don't issue out honours as much, as was mentioned by a few others on this thread, so that makes it even more difficult.

The increasing difficulty of racking enough points to get that banner has left us feeling awe for those who have managed to keep a ribbon, but for some players, it's as if they're babies who've just had candy taken away from them.

I definitely praise the honour system, and I think it's an amazing initiative, but perhaps making it a little more difficult to obtain should be accompanied with some form of compensation (that doesn't require *too* much effort on your part, Riot).

Perhaps you could issue out a nice, shiny summoner icon every half-year for those who have managed to maintain a purdy ribbon. I mean, collecting summoner icons sure work for stimulating your economy.

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I agree that I've noticed fewer honored players.


Lyte, how do we encourage opponents to honor one another?

As someone who plays almost exclusively on pre-made 5s (through Normal queue), I often do not have much interaction with opponents beyond 'good luck/have fun' and 'gg' at the end. If I have had a particularly friendly and dialogue-strewn game, I will honor my opponents, but I almost never receive honor myself.

Have you considered ways to encourage (or possibly, though I hesitate to say it) incentivize opponents to honor each other?

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Riot can you please define the Champion select pick priority in draft and how it is run. too many times have i gone into solo Q ranked and people say pick priority is whoever has first pick and the other side i hear is that whoever calls it first. i know which way its supposed to go but please edit/update the summoners code to reflect how draft pick is supposed to work. too many times ive seen it argued in the que which way it goes and instant poison to the team and people want to troll. sure we have the tribunal system but the punishments are not harsh enough to prevent people from doing it. please riot update that summoners code and make it a clear cut guide on how Champion select is run it is way to vague.

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Kid JustSoul

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Why not put in an option to look through which banners you have been rewarded, and select which you want displayed to your fellow LoLers?

I have currently received 3 or the 4 banners, but it seems like the more honors i get, the more often the banner changes.

Yesterday I had the Great Leader banner, and it had been displayed for about a week, but in my last several games for that day i got 3 or 4 honorable opponents per game, and when i logged in today it displayed Honorable Opponent instead of Great Leader.

now i know that I'm lucky to have 3 banners where most players have none, but frankly i feel that people tend to respect you more, comment more often, and be more friendly when you have the Great Leader or Teamwork banners than with the Honorable Opponent.

So my point is, if you're going to be able to get multiple banners but display only one, why not allow players to choose which of their available banners they have to display? it would be as simple as choosing which champion skin to play as, just a small rotating wheel to the right or left of your pickspot in the champion select screen, or in the profile page.