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What I've been doing with Kazzy.

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I've been doing nothing but jungle kazzy for the weekend. Here's what I've been building;

21/9/0 masteries, not taking the extra crit damage but instead adding a point to havoc for more overall damage.

Flat Armor Reds, Health per level Yellows and Mres per level blues. Health per level gives me health late game without having to build a frozen mallet, so I can focus on damage. Blues are debatable, the armor reds are so I dont have to use armor yellows for jungling and can use the health yellows. Since I start cloth armor, I still have enough armor for jungling safely.

My built has shifted around a bit, but what I'm doing right now, in no specific order.

Merc Treads or Tabi
Hextech Gunblade (Q, E and W all proc spellvamp.)
Last Whisper
Maw of Malmortius
Guardian Angel OR a second Bloodthirster.

I always start armor and pots, so I can farm to level 6. Items that I build and sell are Brutalizer and Wriggles (sell wrig for first BT, Brutalizer for Last Whisper.)

I built a Pirate Sword early game, and the hextech revolver a bit later when i start to want the healing.

Ganking and Counter Jungling

I gank bot and mid often, so that multiple carries (me being one of them) get fed on a successful gank. Top I gank situationally. As far as counter jungling, I do it if I get a good gank early game and feel like I can duel effectively.

Evolution wise, I usually start with Q or E, but sometimes W. If I dont start with E, I probably wont evolve it ever.

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that's pretty cool!

I prefer evolving W first, then R and finish with Q

reason is W is much better for trading, and as a solo top Kha'zix, I want to push the lane and gank mid alot. It also adds a very nice AoE slow.

R I feel is perfect for level 11, because you get to do some awesome guerilla tactics with improved W taking effect every time you stealth, which is 3 times. If you leveled W alot and have some cooldown masteries, you should be able to use it at least 2 out of the 3 times, which adds a lot to the teamfight.

Q, because mobility's already covered by R, so I don't need E.. might as well add another nuke to the team, right?