Pelt, The gravity-storm (ADC)

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A Self-proclaimed scientist whom helped discover and open the yordle academy. He was alway's fond and shadowed by heimerdinger's great achievements. He himself had alway's wished to achieve such greatness and in his curiosity... flocked to heim. As a loyal assistant to heim in the search for a brighter future. He found himself greatly falling behind,greatly undermined and treated unfairly. he was alway's 1 step behind heim... Like climbing a ladder that he'd never see the top of. He would alway's be 2nd best... He'd never grasp the intellect of which heim had discovered before he vanished from the academy. He resented heim. As a Gravity specialist in the yordle academy. Pelts ambitions were always shunned by his superiors as being "Too outrageous" He dreamed of hover crafts and better living. The dream was just too impossible for other yordles to imagine. While in his laboratory he had completed his masterpiece. The Gravitronic Suit... "With this... I could prove I'm just as great... I'll make him see... I'll make them all see!" Vanishing into the corner of his mind. he would resolve the great conflict and prove his worth as a renowned and equal scientist.

Weapon Summary

The Gravitronic Suit:
A suit that emits Gravity fields/pushes or pulls.
Pelt floats above the ground at all times... His Jets on his boots/side help keep him adrift. and force him forwards/backwards. The suit makes barriers for protection from attacks. His upgraded weapon "The Gravitronic Sling" Uses Special Metallic balls that melt on impact. enabling him to shoot/sticking his victim. using the Sling's gravity to pull them closer or shove them further away.

Passive : when stuck with a ball Pelt can see them hiding in grasses. illuminating the enemy for a short duration.

Basic: Shoots regular metallic balls

Q: Pelt Shoots a sticky metallic ball from his sling dealing extra damage and clings to the opponent for 5 sec. He fires up to 3. Double tapping Q allows you to pull the first opponent struck back/closer. Then a short cooldown.

works with W/E/R

W: Pelt's suit Emits a gravity field that shields him for a short duration. taking minor damage. If used with Q it pushes the opponent away "instead"

Pelt Rides in the Gravity field around him like a hamster in a ball. speeding him up.
If used with Q sends a jolt of chain-lighting into opponents stuck "instead"

R: Pelt Shoots a bigger compacted metallic ball. Sticking to 1 opponent with full damage. then detonates shooting smaller balls hitting opponents in a small vicinity around them.

Considering he's ADC. I stole this from tristana and will leave it up to the actual designers to tinker with his stats If considered.


Damage 46.5 (+3 / per level)
Health 415 (+82 / per level)
Mana 193 (+32 / per level)
Move Speed 325
Armor 15 (+3 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 5.1 (+0.65 / per level)
Mana Regen 6.45 (+0.45 / per level)


-Pelt relies on his shots for finishing,but because of the cooldowns after each special shot. It can leave him open from using sheilds or escape moves. simply wait until he uses 1 of his special shots and he's wide open.

-Try to peg a single target with 3 Balls. You can Zap them/drag them/push them then finish with your ult.

I realize he might seem a little overpowered,but I leave that to the designers. hopefully you could add a character if not him to the roster. I see alot of potential in his mechanics for a fun ADC. (^_^)

Thank you for your time. I drew a pretty elaborate pic. NO color considering I dont' have the means to do so. But I would like his Suit RED/black. each special shot being the color of the QWER so the victim has an idea of which one he used.

I'd appreciate some feedback prease