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Riot , What is this ?

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Havoc Age

Junior Member


it start when i tried to reconnect to a game , and Ops , i saw the A Big red '' PLAY '' and I couldn't relog -_- , then my Friend was with me on the game so i tried to spectate and weew , I can spectate on my self while I am lvl 1 stay at base and can't reconnect -_- , so i tried to start ARAm game , and Ops i am in , and i go inside the game and I won :O , and guess what another Bug ( check the pic ) -_- , so yah Riot thnx so much for those bugs , and For the Leave I got on my History , I never got a leave before T_T , Why me plz Solve this strange problem plus I have alot of PvP.net Dc -_-