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Would like to find more high elo adc replays

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If anyone mains ADC's in particular EZ, Graves, Corki, or Tristana and is 2k+ elo and doesn't mine sharing their LOL Replays I would certainly appreciate it.

I did grab a couple from leaguereplays.com, I looked for high ELO EZ replays but...

well first let me be clear, i've been watching replays of games since sc 1.08 which was like what...2001? Anyway I am not the type that looks at the replay and assumes that because they make it look easy that it doesnt require a lot of skill and knowledge. However the replays I watched were pretty bad even though they ranged from 2.2k-2.5k ELO. I did look the names up and found that they didnt typically play range AD so that explains that. I would like to get my hands on these mostly to watch group fights play out.