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Tank or AP?

Tank 1 33.33%
AP 2 66.67%
Voters 3 .

AP or Jungle Amumu?

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A Big Damn Hero

Senior Member


Which one?

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Senior Member


Tank to be useful, AP for fun.

You can be a bit of both if you go tanky AP, which is (something) like the following end-game build

Sorcerer boots, Athenes, Rabadons, Zhonyas, Abyssal Sceptre and Rabadons.

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Junior Member


Id get a ROA for him. Instead of 2 caps. Tank amumu is so stronk.

start with philo and hog to get rolling. Then add items situationally. Finish boots next.

Mercs IMO, add on the next thing depending on teamcomps. I like getting roa here for a good mix of survivability plus some damage and great sustain when you level

Next I get defensive depending on enemy team. Ad? I like sunfire. AP? I like abyssal. Both items give a good boost for late-mid game.

Round it out with whatever you like on the end

Grab a GA for invincibility :P or maybe a cap for damage (I would only go cap if you went abyssal).

Final : shurelya's (yeah spelling) randuins, boots, roa, sunfire/abyssal, Ga/cap.

Gl hf!