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Diana Counters

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I Main Diana and saw ppl saying certain champs counter her and they are not 100% accurate. So here are my personal counters:

Ways to Counter Diana:

Pushers, CC, Sustain, Energy or Manaless Champions

Diana Counters These Champions:

Fizz = Fizz can only Playful/Trickster and Seastone Trident for so long before he goes OOM. He also can't use Urchin to dash in or he eats Moonfall when his Playful/Trickster is on cooldown.

Ahri= Ahri can't do anything to Diana other than to Harass with Q. Even with that Diana can easily clear minion waves thanks to her passive while Ahri then has to use her W to clear the minion waves back. Ahri will then go OOM before Diana ever does since Diana only uses Q to harass, farm and push minion waves. Ahri also uses up her Ult when they both hit lvl 6 to escape from Diana's Ult Dive. Since Diana ult cooldowns in less than half a minute she makes Ahri easily burn her ult which has a much longer cooldown.

Akali = Akali just can't clear minion waves fast enough like Diana. She also lacks a shield to fight back. She also lacks CC especially lack of slow.

Karthus: Karthus simply will always run out of Mana trying to push back the minion waves once Diana maxes out her Q. Diana can also dive in at will and fight him with the added shield and a slow to prevent him from escaping. Her shield can also keep her alive when he tries to ult.

Syndra: Syndra is just too free. Just forcing Syndra to use all her abilities to clear minion waves and push back will quickly make her go oom. To add to this Diana can dive whenever Syndra has no Spheres floating around. This makes her ult very weak with no Spheres to add extra damage.

Veigar: Veigar just simply cannot push minion waves fast enough and Diana can just clear minion waves with ease and force Veigar under his turret. Veigar will easily get half as much CS as he normally would right in the middle and he will also go OOM using his Q to farm up his AP and farm gold aswell. By this time Diana will have 2:1 cs lead and have Veigar under his turret with no mana to even stun Diana for his jungler to gank.

Champs that counter Diana:

Morde: Morde is a hard pusher and is manaless. He can also take alot of damage when activating his W (sometimes taking no damage from her Q). He can easily walk up to her ad her minions and Q+E. Usually he can also get two Es off before she can use her second Q. The big counter though is waiting until she eventually goes OOM. She will have no choice but to use her shield to help push back the minions which is the easiest and fastest way to make Diana go OOM. Morde can easily get Diana down to 50%-75% Hp with him taking no damage. This makes it easy for him to flash in, ult and ignite her and E her to death before she knows what hit her.

Swain: Swain can just easily heal with ult and hit her with all his CC before he even gets to lvl 6. Even if Diana tries to ignite him when he tries to heal there is just no way Diana can win.

Vlad: Vlad has the sustain, harass trade, a slow and he can push minions decently without taking a hit to his HP.

AP Yi: Yi has a free harass Q and can heal off all the damage he takes with his W. As long as Yi can get blue or get enough Mana Regen he can out sustain, out farm, and out harass Diana.

Maokai: The tree has everything that is needed to hard counter Diana. He can zone out Diana from getting near her minions with his Seed. He also heals, has a root and also has a slow. Plus he can push minion waves so he can easily push back diana's minions or force her under her tower.

Viktor: Viktor has a harass that can hit her from a decent range and also gives him a shield. He can gets Stuns and Slows and he can also harass her easily with his Laser. He also gets a silence aswell. The CC is just too much for her to withstand.

Orianna: The robot chick has very good zoning, CC in the form of slows and she has a shield. Her passive allows her to do more Auto Attack damage to Diana with every followup Auto Attack. To make it worse she also can knockback Diana out of position and wreck Diana like there's no tomorrow. Oh and did i mention the Robot Chick can also clear minion waves pretty good too.

Champions that Diana is even with:

Malhazar: Diana gets advantage early if she dodges silences and can push back minion waves just enough to not force her under her tower. Once she hits level 6 she can easily kill him while he still level 5 but he can get off his suppression. Even with his suppression if Diana is at full health and he has been worn down from Q harass just can kill him before he can kill her. As Mal the early pushing will cause her to lose CS and force her to use her shield to push back minions. However the early hard pushing will lead to getting ganked by her jungler early on. so have that flash ready to get back closer to ur turret. Also landing silences will help give u the advantage. If you can dodge her Q and stay at full health when u hit level 6 u can kill her with your suppression advantage. Honestly if Suppresion is your prefer method of countering Diana, you are much better sending AP WW to go up against her as he can sustain himself back to full health from his Q harass and his bonus Life Steal.

Morgana: Morgana can kill Diana if Diana tries to dive into Morgana when they both have full health. However if Diana wears down Morgana enough before level 6 than Morgana is dead. Morgana also needs to wait for her Soil to rank up before she can clear minion waves better and faster while Diana can clear minion waves with just a rank or two into Q early on. Her Soil is also pretty long and easily avoidable for Diana to continue to farm and harass. Basically Morgana needs to get the advantage from the start or Diana has the upper hand.

Heim: Bob the Builder while great for being a pusher will quickly feed Diana when she hits level 6. However if Heim keeps his distance and zones her he can really give her headaches until the laning phase is over. However mid and late game Heim becomes easy kills for Diana.

Galio: Galio can heal from enemy minions and the wraiths while Diana has no way to heal. Galio also has a slow and a speed up plus he can ult her under his turret for more damage. Plus he can take more damage if he gets high MR. However Diana also has an edge if she can wear him down with Q+R combos. Galio however still has a slight advantage in this even match up.

Zyra: The plant chick is the better version of Bob the Builder. She gets slows, plants with long range sniping, A knockup and she is one of the top pushing champs in the league. If Zyra comes out of the gate pushing hard with her plants to help her push harded then Zyra gets the advantage. However if Diana can keep up with a decent push of her own there's just no question that Diana wins after level 6 with her almost unlimited amount of dives. As long as Diana doesnt get close to the plants Diana has a slight edge. However if Zyra can zone out Diana with her plants and push hard than Diana will have headaches, just remember to have that flash ready for when u get ganked early on without wards for pushing too hard.

Katarina: Kat has an advantage early on as she is manaless and can keep Diana under her turret as Diana will go OOM before her first recall quickly. However when diana recalls and comes back she comes back ready to push minions back and completely destroy Kat past level 6 as she can E when Kat uses ult and stop her ult in its tracks. Kat is also squishy and has no way to take up damage like Diana does. The best way to get an advantage on Diana with Kat is too come out the gate pushing hard and harassing her with her Bouncing Blades and blinking up near her early on before she can farm up enough gold for mana items, potions and wards.

Gragas: The Brewer gets back mana which is a big advantage for him against Diana. He also has sustain from his passive. His long range Q harasses and also farms minions too. He also has a knockback to throw her out of position or under his turret and then follow up or just Body Slam away from the fight and then regain more Mana and health under his tower. Gragas gets a slight edge over Diana but if Diana can keep up the pressure by landing Qs and getting refresh combos sehe can wear him down quicker than he can wear her down and give her that slight edge. Diana also has a slight edge over Gragas in the pushing department as she can push with just Q while Gragas will sometimes have to use his E to help him push back a little more and that can lead to him going OOM faster than Diana.

Kennen: The Rat relies on Energy which gives him a slight edge over Diana. He also has a Stun and can harass her with Marks and Lighting Rush. He is also a pretty good Pusher with his Electrical Surge. Ken has a slight edge early on and can outright kill her with his stun if both are even in health. However if Diana gets a Health Advantage and survives his Stun she outright kills him since his ult will be on a longer cooldown than Diana's will. She also can win if she has kepted up in CS with Ken aswell.