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Ranked Champion Select Trolls

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There are a lot of people that troll the champion selection process.

For instance, the champion they want to play gets banned, they don't agree with the banned champions, they didn't get to play the role they wanted to play, they don't like the champions their team has picked thus far, they don't like the champions the other team has picked thus far, they predict a "loss", etc.

Whatever the reason(s) may be, they start "trolling". And the objective is to make another player queue dodge, so they don't get the 30 minute penalty.

Methods: picking a role that has already been taken, starting an argument or flaming someone, or they say really clever things such as this: "I might have to leave for about 5-10 minutes mid-game to eat dinner, but I'll be back. Don't worry." This usually results in a combination of a poorly chosen champion and saying several things.

And if they happen to fail to get someone to queue dodge, their poor performance will almost nearly ensure a defeat.

So the rest of the team is given the options of:
Do I stand my feet, and try to tackle this game head on even though the odds are highly against me. Or hope that someone else will dodge.
Do I queue dodge, take the bullet of a half-hour waiting time, and preserve my rating. Knowing full well that the troll will simply get to join another queue without even a slap on the wrists.
Do I join in on the trolling, to improve the chances that someone else will queue dodge.

It's happened enough to me that I know not queue dodging is much, much worse as instead of being able to do something for that half-hour, I'll be sitting in a game forced to stay, against my will by LoL rules as this one jerk drags the entire team down. It's happened enough that I've gotten quite practiced at queue dodging at the last possible moment. With about a 75% success rate, someone else will dodge just a little bit before me, and I won't have a penalty timer.

So what can we do about this?

I suggest we add a report button inside the champion selection mode. From here a number of things can happen, if a certain number of people report the same person, that person will be given a penalty timer, and/or a report will be sent to the tribunal system, and the game will be dodged without a penalty to the well minded players. I would further suggest the "certain number of people" reporting the same player to be three. It's more than what a duo pair can manage to abuse on their own, and lesser to prevent a trolling duo pair immunity to such reports.

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Junior Member


I had a very similar idea not too long ago, I agree very much, here's what I put in a different section:

"You may have heard some people whining about ranked trolls, common phrases such as "Mid or I feed", "Top or I AFK". These mean, that the people with LESS elo than the people above are trying to convince their teammates to submit to their own conceitedness.

Otherwise the people just trying to play the game effectively with a team and within their own skill levels, will have to lose the game or Queue dodge to not lose their hard earned elo, but then wrongly wait 30 minutes because of SOMEONE ELSE.

Here is my proposition. I believe it to be fair and lawful. If someone is trying to sabotage the game while in champ select. There should be a Kick vote, a vote the forces the player, (who is being a negative addition to the team), back to the menu and not back into queue. Now, I don't believe that they should get the brunt of the 30 minute wait time, but maybe 1-5 minutes would be enough, (plus we don't want people to abuse this power and make people wait 30 minutes for not a good enough reason). This is just for getting a team out of a bad situation with a negative player that would effectively, most likely lose elo.

This is by no means a complaint, just an interesting suggestion that I really really hope Riot takes into account. People should not get 30 minute wait times if their teammates are trying to sabotage the champion select. It should be the saboteur that gets kicked for being a bad sport. Please consider this, it would mean a lot to people stuck in the middle of the fatal ELO hell"

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Agreed and once you get a certain amount of "bad reviews" you should be not allowed to play ranked. I'm so sick of getting stuck with trolls, I couldn't win a ranked game to save my life because of the amount of trolls and bad players that are in ranked que's

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Agree in principle, and it should be tied to the report system, so that abusers lose the ability to kick trolls (because there are those who will kick people for not using the spells/champs that they in their omnisicence [sarcasm] think are best).

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Tonnes Of Damage

Senior Member


I would love this game a billion times more if they would do something about this... I know how everyone feels... I think that 45% of my games played have some form of troll / ******* in them.
I never bite the bullet and wait 30 min... I work 16 hours a day-6 days a week most weeks... If I have a day off and feel like playing, why should I be biting bullets just because some little crying kid wants to ruin others day.

Its childish and needs fixed, asap.
Nice suggestion. Ive asked for it since beta... Still waitin.