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why does ranked players around 1100 suck so hard?

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dead robit

Senior Member


Let me make sure I understand you correctly. You've basically stated that everyone (or at least the vast majority) in 1100 is awful and you are clearly better than them. So if everyone else is awful then any team you are on will naturally have an advantage--5 sucky players vs 4 sucky players + 1 good player (you). So having you on the team should naturally generate more wins than losses over the course of time resulting in you rising in elo.

So my question is...why are you still at 1100 elo since you are clearly better?

Let me start by saying i completely agree with this statement ^ however. you flip a coin 10 times and you SHOULD get 5/5 heads and tails

but sometimes you get 9 tails 1 heads. now every one knows over vast aount of games the statistics are on your side to climb. but imagine if getting tails(losing) made your attitude worst and decreased the chance of getting heads ( win) after 9 losses you are only more likely to get more losses because your attitude.

i am slowly climbing around 1300 now. i was stuck at 1000 for a while. and while i do not think my skill level increased all that much. but what did increase then.

communication/ attitude/ playing what we need/ grabbing support first to trade for a top pick so not to be countered/ encouraging my team.

i used to be a toxic player. " you ****ing baddie ez why would you go in first" " wtf support we need wards" now i only have positive attitude for team mates. " hey guys i think if we let our bruiser and tank initiate we might do better. " " if we had more vision we could possibly pick off an enemy out of position im going to buy a ward, can anyone else help me ward" trust me... attitude = elo..