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Jayve,Wukong,or Shyvana

Jayce 6 75%
Wukong 3 37.5%
Shyvana 1 12.5%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 8 .

Which Champion should I buy?

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Junior Member


I recently posted a thread of which 6300 champion I should buy and the results were 17 for wukong and 17 for shyvana. I decided to add one more champion to my list to vary up the responses and hopefully not be dead even.
The 3 Choices are:Jayce, I always loved his aspect of having many different skills and making chaining many combos together.

Second one is: Wukong, he was one of my favourite champions when I started playing and he was out in the champion rotation. I also fell in love with his abililty to troll people and juke.

Last one is: Shyvana, main reason I like her is because i really like the aspect of attacking to benefit your abilities.

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Senior Member


Jayce has some awesome combos...but you really have to spend time getting to know the character well or you'll get in a team fight fumble around and it'll be "GG bad Jayce."

He's pretty cool though...that E in hammer mode...there's something satisfying about smacking someone in the face with a sledge hammer.

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Junior Member


Jayce FTW! Really like his Acceleration Gate with his Shock Blast. And his pro transformation of his weapon -_-