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PVP.NET Creates three "windows"

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Pvp.net window is in fact based on two others. This does not matter until using Exposé in mac. The example of broken layout is here: http://drp.ly/Uo0c (one empty window on the left side, one hovered over, and the actual window). Even though all windows actually bring pvp.net to focus, it's a waste of space and it looks unprofessional.

Also, the updater should not be in the Dock (as hidden), but rather in the top bar, between other icons that do not require taking actions often. http://drp.ly/Phsc

Anyway, thanks for making this Mac port happen!

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i'm kind of annoyed at this as well.

i'm not sure why the application is coded as 3 applications. of course my mac programming knowledge is nil, so i'll shut up. but is there not a tidier way of making the updater/application package (i.e. Company of Heroes mods).