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Is Draft Day a good idea?

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Recycled EU



Some things I'd like to point out:

Just use lolmatches reports; these show picks and bans for easy evidence of draft, are generated automatically and record summoner names and all other postgame information.

I was actually solo queueing on draft day, didn't get to play my Kassadin though. Getting rusty

From Volandum, who currently can't post on the forums on NA.

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Senior Member


Its definitely good outreach, but for it to be a success with non-regulars it would need more exposure (how, where, idk, but thats the only missing part imo).

I like the idea of draft day, but really what I think a major problem right now is (downvotes inc.) the amount of inhouse drafts happening take away from the player pool that could actually queue for draft on a regular basis. We begged for a fix to dodging for months and when it happened a lot of people started just doing inhouses anyways (essentially keeping the queue time high).

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I am an avid draft player, the problem is MM system, at times will place me with players, with less then 5 games of dominion won because it is based off of ELO, not number of games played or won or lost. The sad thing is even winning a game can drop your ELO not sure how it happens but it does. But that does not stop me from playing draft.

The beauty of draft games is pregame lobby, where you actually communicate with players, unlike solo queues instant locks, and figure out a good team composition and counterpicks & bans. During DDD I was in a couple games, in solo queue that won against several premades, and lost to several. Sure there was a lvl21 singed on our team but he complied with our need of a tank and picked up revive in that game and fulfilled that role spectacularly(we won). I also had games where a lvl30 and less than 5 game wins, banned the most under powered champs and picked a weak first pick and refused to get revive, that game didn't last long, got steam rolled. In my opinion it just depends on players and their ability to listen and take advice and learn.

The best way to remediate the disparity between skill levels is to pick 2 captains in a different chat "DominionDraft" pick heads or tails for first pick between 8 skilled players, sort of like dodge ball. Then queue up at the same time and hope MM queues you up with a premade team versus a premade team.