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Timeless Corruption [A not so short story!]

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All Hail Swain

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Part 1
The Cataclysm

The first anual Champion Charity Picnic was being held on a meadow near the Institute of War. It was an almost brilliant idea, to gather some money for all kinds of charities in Demacia, Ionia, Freljord and Bundle city, which is the reason no one expected Noxians to come. Nevertheless, almost all of the League's champions came. There were stands everywhere.
Morgana had her bakery stand.
Kayle was on the other end of the field lecturing groups of summoners on all topicks related to justice.
Every Ionian came, except Udyr who was never one for meeting large groups of people. Master Yi and Wukong were setting up a small martial arts training ground.
Xerath was shooting his lightning around, not that he liked doing it for mere mortals, but it was a nice event to pass time, and maybe get close to some summoners.
Jarvan, whom was always followed around by Shyvana and Garen, was simply walking around, talking to people that would stop him.
Ashe and Tryndamere were also there, Ashe holding archery contests and Tryndamere arm wrestling everyone, with his right hand.
The only Noxian that was, initially, there was Draven, enjoying the crowd as always.
There were roughly seventy champions attending this event.

Even Zilean was there, but he fell Ill for some reason soon after coming. It was weird for the summoners, they had thought that Zilean was immune to desease, but it appears that he was not.
He just fell on the ground for some reason, completely paralyzed and was imediately taken to an infirmary. But, it wasn't too much concern at the time, and the event was not canceled.

Besides that weird illness that befell Zilean, there was another implication.
Kayle, who had just finished lecturing the groups of people around her stand, was ready to leave. She did not, however, since she met Nasus and Anivia. They started some small talk, only barely noticing Talon coming from behind.
The Noxian assassin armed his blade and went through the crowd. When he came close he jumped on Kayle, only to be stopped by another Talon, who eventually killed him.
People quickly formed a ring around the killed assassin and his identical killer.
Talon did not care for the people gathering around him, he ignored them while searching through the other assassin's belongings. What he found was a small piece of paper, that had the words ''Black Rose'' written onto it. He was intrigued.
Did the Black Rose try to frame him?
Why would they try something like that?
Was that Emilia whom he killed?
He did not bother trying to think too hard about it, at least not in this place. He threw the paper and moved to the crowd, disappearing as soon as he entered it.
People were shocked at this, but after the body was removed from the premises everything went calm, although the guards tried to look after Talon, with no avail.
But they don't know that it is Xerath who should be looked after.

The Magus Ascendant was still shooting his lightnings, and his show was coming to an end. As soon as it was over the crowd left, and he decided to float around a few minutes, before departure.
And, as he floated around, he had heard something. A silent whisper echoing through his mind. ''Xerath. Xerath.'' The magus was confused, he had never thought that someone could send telepathic messages to him. Xerath looked around trying to see someone calling him, maybe it was only an illusion. Bu he saw nothing.
''Xerath. Xeath.'' There it was again, mocking him.
He looked to his right, seeing a shadow escape behind a nearby tent. ''Xerath. Xerath.'' It laughed, and he followed, chasing it.
He finally managed to catch up to the creature.
It was clearly female, a black, yet almost completely transparent female, with red eyes and dark wings. It laughed again, then pointed it's finger at Xerath.
''Come here. I wish to make a deal with you.''
''A deal? What kind of deal could one such as you make with one such as me?''
It laughed again.
''I can set you free.''
''Y-you can? Don't lie to me! Why would you do that? How would you do that?''
''If you don't try you will never know.'' It laughed.
Xerath stood there, looking at the shadow, thinking.
''What do you expect in return?'' He asked.
''Nothing. Just get back to the party, enjoy.''
With a final laugh, it faded away.

Xerath was confused, a rather odd state for him, but he decided to do what the shade told told him to do, it couldn't hurt.
So, he returned to the festival.
He stood in the middle of the crowd, waiting for something to happen, but it didn't.
He was assured that the shade was just a scam, or maybe a prank, or he was simply misled.
Either way, he decided to, again, take his leave.
Then, at one moment, a shadow started orbiting him, followed by another one, then by another one. He was overjoyed!
The shadows grew numerous until they lifted him into the air and formed a tornado. Slowly, piece by piece, the remains of his sarcophagus were being removed from him. He felt his power coming back, he could finally release it, and then, in one moment...BOOM!
A giant explosion shook Runeterra, leaving a gigantic crater where the Institute was.
Most of the champions that came were killed instantly, and almost all summoners too. The Institute of War was no more, and without it some of the world greatest terrors were unleashed.
Xerath did not care, the excitement overwhelmed him, but it was short. Soon after his massive energy discharge was over, the same shade that released him showed up.
''You served your purpose. I appreciate that.''
His sarcophagus started reforming around him. He felt the same like millenniums ago when he was trapped for the first time. Could he be trapped again, so soon after his release? Why?!?
The shade finished the process then faded away.
Overwhelmed with anger, he vanished too, and has not been seen ever since.