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Best champ to climb with?

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Atm I'm primarly climbing with Kayle top. She does a fairly impressive amount of dmg, can clear lanes quickly, and best of all you can take advantage of weak teammates and their bad positioning and use them as live bait with your ult.

Ive had several times where our adc was idiotically at the front of the team, had a rengar pounce on him but then a kayle ult on the adc equaled a dead rengar. proceed to have the rest of our team bumrush the rest of the team for an easy win. Its even better when you have someone like a katarina or Nunu on your team, they ult into the enemy team and you ult them and get a Pentassist :P

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Sereg Anfaug:
Your best bet is to work with your team, not blind yourself to the reality of a team based game by only being willing to play the role you think will help you win.

If your team needs a support, play support. If they need a jungle, play that. Don't insist on a solo lane or carry at the expense of someone else who either called it first or had a better pick position for it.

Do what you can to get your team working together in queue, and maybe they'll keep doing it during the game, which at low ELO is almost a guaranteed win, since the other team will very often be self-destructing from the start.

On the other hand, if you do cause conflict on champ select by insisting on a role or champion despite your teammates' desires, your team is going to be the one self destructing, and you will lose.

I disagree with this slightly. It's a team-game, play with your team for sure. Try to get them kills/get them fed and whatnot, but in low elo you can't expect your team to be good. You have to have a 2000 Elo mindset - basically that you are going to be the deciding factor in the game and if anyone on your team wants to do so as well, more power to you all.

I do agree, however, that you should play with your team. Don't expect a role, politely ask for a role, if someone decides to troll you, the only option is to go to another lane - don't say anything at all, not "i'm gonna be the bigger man" not "wow dude, ok fine," not even "ok i'll go [lane] I guess." Say. Nothing. (In regards to switching your lane at least. You still want to communicate with the team) Just go to another lane.

Learn champions that have great impact on the game all-throughout. I disagree with the mid/jungle mindset slightly because even if you get other champions fed, chances are you'll fall off late game and if they're not that intelligent you can't do anything about it. If you're support pick someone tanky with sustain like Alistar. If you're ADC basically all you need to do is get fed and you'll ROFLstomp them provided at least one person on your team is intelligent enough to protect you if you're getting focused.

If you're top your best bet is a tank - not an assassin, for large impact. Nasus can single-handedly determine the outcome of a game in the late game, as long as he's farmed. Fiora cannot do this, nor can Gangplank. Cho'Gath can basically determine the outcome of a game as well. Tanking their entire team while still dealing massive damage is what you want for a top lane champ. Junglers are the same - Cho is a great all-around influential jungler.

Mid-lane I learned the hard way cannot carry a game. I have a ridiculously high KDA with a few mid-champs, but still I'm at 50% win-rate with them. (I'm not 2000 Elo so I don't have the experience to do things that aren't champ dependent as well as them, so based solely on my champion performance, champions like Fizz can't determine games in the late-game. Champions like Gragas, if you're good with them, though, can. His ult is always useful, Fizz's just does damage and helps you target things, Gragas' ult helps you isolate a target and down them quick, giving your team a massive advantage, he's naturally tanky as well.

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It's not neccessarily the champ you pick that will help you carry a game, but the position you play. I started this game loving the ADcarry position, but in soloqueue it sucks because youre dependant on someone else to win your lane. I stuck with it until I fell to 900 elo :/ Then I started jungling or mid, and now im back above 1100 with hardly any losses since swithcing my positions.