Jungle Stream / Baddie guide

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Hello, not hardly anyone in the community really know me. i play pretty much every role but i play Top/jungle the best; This stream i'm about to link is just that... i'll be trying to jungle the new champion [ Normal games, sorry i kind of blow @ the game still worth watching due to how hard i fail at times] if i cannot acquire the new champion it'll be a olaf jungle i hope! Anyway i'll be watching the comments closely so if anyone has any questions about what route i take on the new champion or new build + masterys.... i'll be running 21/9/0 mastery. I always try to rush wriggles... Then after that build either brutalizer if you're ahead or build a phage, Mr/Armor depending on if you're behind or how far behind. Build a fast Ghostblade if you want Burst damage, or build around that to make yourself a bit more beefy so you can do alot more in team fights.Come check out my stream! i will talk in chat/answer any questions.
Remember if you're looking for a Ranked guide i cannot really help much; Ask http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2456561 <-- This guy right here!
He's great and will answer any questions you have and he has 2k+ Rated experience.
Have a great day, thanks for viewing guys! Cheers!