UI Scale Affects Too Many Things

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Before the fix to the resetting HUD, if I changed my UI scale it would shringk my item box, skill bars etc, but leave the portraits on the side and the death recap at normal size.

Now I shrank my HUD, but it also shrank the portraits for kills and the damage recap. It's so small I can't see it. Is there a way that I can shrink my UI for skill bars and items, but keep the damage recap readable?

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I would like the option to independently adjust all of the HUD elements. I'm shocked that it wasn't implemented by default. I'm going to go dig through the config files later to see if there are options.

I could care less about most of the stuff on the bottom of the screen. As long as I can glance at the shapes, I'm good to go. However, I'd love to be able to utilize the top-left target box without having to make everything else the same size.