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Low fps spikes

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i have this issue a lot since kha'zix, my ping never drops, i have been running the game on max settings at 1920x1080 res for over 6 months, with 90-110 frames(90 during team fights, 110 when laning) and never had any issues. Kha'zix/late sept patch, bam...random lag spikes like <10-20 fps and thats before minons spawn, after during teamfights i've had spikes as low as 0 fps then it jumps back up to 90-110. Sometimes i even get the random disconnect issue when this happens. It's very frustrating as it has caused me to lose about 5 ranked matches since the patch. I would be dominating bot lane then return to find im outleveled almost 4-6 levels and never be able to catch back up. Please fix this.


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I've noticed two issues. One is my ping seemingly randomly dropping to around 40 for a split second at random. I'm not sure if it lasts the whole game.

The second I've noticed in two seperate is whenever I look at Vladamir my FPS immediately drops to around 40 and stays there until I stop looking at him. Well, it's either Vlad or something in top lane.

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Well im playin wit full screen and the problem occurs at random times team fights as well as normal 2v2 or 1v1 fights

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It's random because skills used by your enemies in battle are random. I've noticed that when Graves uses his smoke granade, you will experience FPS drop.

How to recreate it?

1. Start a new custom game versus Graves bot. (1vs1)
2. Pay attention to your FPS all the time (you can use FRAPS to get exact number for Minimum FPS)
3. Let him use granade on you
4. Enter and leave area of the effect few times
5. You should notice FPS drops while leaving/entering the area.

@Summoners, could you please try recreating above steps and confirm the problem?
I'm advanced PC user with extensive knowledge about windows operating system as well.
Machine Specs: Athlon II x4 620, ATI HD5800, 4GB RAM, Win7 (healthy system + udpated drivers), solid interned conneciton

FPS few patches back -> 100+
FPS in team fights -> 60+

FPS now -> 100+
FPS in team fights -> 50+
FPS in team fight with "special effects" -> 0-20
FPS during Graves test -> below 25, (it's hard to see exact number, however, some freezez/shuttering is visible)

Level of detail doesn't affect my FPS at all (as my CPU is limitiation of max FPS, not graphics card).

I've analyzed logs and there is nothing related to the problem. Even if Graves uses his skill for like 10 times, there is no constant pattern in logs.

@Support -> is there any way to run a game with extended logging? The basic set of logged messages is not enough to verify the source of the problem.

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When are you noticing drops in your FPS? Is it during team fights or at no time in particular?

My random fps drops start at first 2 and half minutes of the game(90 percent of my games always has this lag)Need to find solution.Cant cs properly.Then even more lag spikes around 20 minutes(However it not frequent).

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Let me tell you, I had this problem like a month ago, and the problem could be your graphic card's cooler.
My FPS randomly went down to 6-12 at any time, in or not in teamfights, even at nexus. The things is, maybe your cooler is not working properly, what causes your graphic card to disable for the time it takes to cool itself. If you have this problem try to remember when was the last time you have cleaned your graph's cooler or renewed the silicone that goes over the chipset.

To check your graphic card and processor's temperature you can use Razer's Gamebooster, they should be at not more than 65ยบ to work properly, if they are at more than that temperature it means is a good time to clean cooler and put silicone, and that should solve your problems.

This is based on personal experience, im not stating is the only way to fix this or if it's your particular problem.

P.S.: Forgive my english

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i just got a new computer a month ago which can get 60 fps in teamfights with youtube in the background, but sometimes the fps will drop randomly to 20-30 no matter what im doing, but restarting my computer used to fix it. this occurred randomly. recently though, i havent been able to fix it no matter what i do.