More Detailed UI Settings

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So, I was wondering if we could get a bit more detailed with the UI settings. Some of the things I think would be beneficial both visually and for more helpful team play is (some of these may have been talked about, so credit to the respected people who have the same ideas)
-Different UI displays. This mainly is concerning the UI wall,texture around the map, player portraits, map, maybe some varied designs/colors.
-Ratio gradient for team portraits/movable portraits. Allow plays to make them bigger/smaller and move each portrait. Say I'd like to have them along the right or top of the screen or even above my skills. I think it'd be nice to help with where your focus is to easily see your team.
On portraits (friendly) show the ultimate/summoner spells like in the spectating. Help improve ganks and such. Increase synergy of teams knowing that their players are ready for an attack if they are jumped.

That is just what I'd like to see in game. I would also not mind being able to switch the login screen a bit. I know there is ways with addons, but I would rather not tamper with the LoL files and have to potentially re install.
For instance, you really enjoyed the Diana login screen with the music and visual, allow me to revert back to that. I know you're only there for a big, but just hearing the little bit of music/seeing the display can pump players to want to play better/harder. (If there is already a way, please contacts me, I'd surely like to know how!

Thank you for your time,