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How to counter tanky supports as Lulu?

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Hey all,

I love playing Lulu, and I'm getting to be quite good at her. However, I have a lot of trouble with tankier supports (taric, nunu, for example) bullying me out of lane. Against taric, I try to hit him hard while his stun is on cooldown, but in the case of nunu, ice ball cooldown is so short...

How can I stand up to them, while still being aggressive and keeping my carry alive?? Thanks a million!

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Most of the tankier supports are much shorter range than Lulu. For example, Nunu's Ice Blast only has a 550 range. Your Glitterlance has almost 400 more range, so you can harass with that very easily. Ice Blast also costs a LOT of mana if Nunu is maxing it, and if he isn't, it doesn't do much damage. For example, at level 5, a rank 3 ice blast will take 1/4 of Nunu's mana, so he can't keep spamming it at you.