Ezra, The Bulwark of the Innocent [Champion concept]

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~Please give me your input, this is my first concept, and I would love to know

My inspiration for this champ:

So hey everyone, first off thanks for reading, anyway, my concept for this champ, is supposed to be an epic bodyguard type archetype, who feels bad for any allied loss, and sacrifices himself, to protect teamates, but if whoever he protects dies, he avenges their death. He is designed as a top lane bruiser, who late game becomes a mid damage tank, who is a good initiator and support-y champ ( kinda like Shen, but with more damage and less CC)
Ezra is a younger human man, maybe looking around his early 20's, with olive skin, and green eyes. he is thin, and of average height ( I've notices most male human champs have like an average height.)He has long (ish) black hair,maybe a tiny bit above his shoulders. He wears thick leather armor, with torn up light brown robes over it. He wields a sword that has two blades on it, on each end ( like this <==--==>) which is made of stone, and is slightly cracked and chipped. I would draw a picture... but im pretty bad... like really, really bad at drawing, I'll probably have a friend draw something for me :3
NOTE: Ezra uses health to cast abilitys

Ability description:
Role: Top/jungle
Passive: Vengeance For ever allied living being that dies near Ezra, he becomes inspired, gaining a shield based off their maximum health, the shield caps at a certain amount (scales with level)
Q: Ezra dashes a short distance, holding his blade in front of him, damaging and slowing enemy to his sides, if he collides with an enemy directly in front of him, they are knocked back a short distance.
W: Ezra Shields himself, or an allied champion, granting a shield along with bonus armor/mres, at the cost of his own armor/mres/health. If he grants himself the sheild then ( see below, im not sure how to word this)
E TOGGLE: every one of Ezra's auto attacks causes his enemy to become crippled, causing them to bleed (small DOT damage) and reducing their attack speed and movement speed.
Ult/R: Spirit of the avenger Ezra grants a huge shield to an ally, while sacrificing a large portion of his own health, if the shielded champion dies, Ezra can reactivate the ability to heal for a percent of their health, gain a percent of their stats, and teleport directly behind the ally's killer.
Ability explanation:
Note: sorry, I don't really know ranges, if anyone could provide ranges that would be too OP, I would be your best friend <3
Numbers can be adjusted, so if anything seems too OP/UP please say.

passive: I thought it would be cool to have a champ who would gain power off fallen allies, but not in an evil way. What I was thinking, is he would gain a shield based on fallen allies health, I was thinking something along the lines of 10% for a minion, and 5% for a champion, of course, capping at a certain number, maybe along the lines of 50 to 390 (+5% max HP) ( increases by 20 each level) ( I was thinking around the range of trundle's passive)

Q: Basically a short range ( maybe along the line of riven's) dash, that deals damage to the enemies directly to the side of Ezra, because that would be his blade slashing them, but if they are directly in front of him, the hilt would hit them, causing them to get knocked back ( kinda like vi's Q), I was thinking the HP cost would be something like 10 or 15% of his current HP, and the damage being something like: 20/80/140/210/280(+ .5 bonus AD) (+ 1% max HP) This would have a short cooldown, maybe like 9/8/7/6/5 seconds

W:A mid range shield, that can be thrown onto allies or himself, costing 10% of his armor/mres/Max health, but granting a shield worth the same amount ( No base stats) He gets his armor/mres back when the shield expires, and he is healed for any unused shield. If Ezra gives the shield to himself, he doesn't loose any Mres/armor, but instead gains 10/20/30/40/50, and a shield worth 70/120/160/200/240. It would have a medium cooldown, maybe 10 seconds at all ranks

E: well when I designed this ability, I was trying to think of a way he could stick to targets, along with doing a little damage, I was inspired by gangplank's passive when thinking of this, except without the stacking. maybe something along the lines of a 10% slow that lasts 1 second, a 15% ATKSPD slow, and bleed that does 10/30/50/70/90 ( + 0.1 bonus AD) over a few seconds. Every attack would cost maybe like 5% of his current HP, on a one second toggle.

R: This is the ability that inspired this whole champ, what it is is Ezra would sacrifice 40% of his max HP ( cannot kill him ( if he has less then 40%, they would be shielded for whatever amount he has left)), to shield an ally for 30% of his max hp, but if the shielded ally dies, Ezra would be healded for a percent of their max HP ( maybe like 15%?) and he would gain some of their stats ( AP,AD,armor, Mres)(maybe 25%) along with going into a rage, gaining 50% attack speed, and gaining the option to teleport directly behind them, to get vengeance. (Range is about the same as yasou's ult) It's cooldown would be kinda high, but im not sure of an exact number.
Coming soon™
Selection: I'm here to protect
Moving: On my way
To protect
Attacking: Ha!
you shall cause pain no longer
back off!
Taunt: You have caused pain, and justice will be served.
Joke *pulls out bottle* Hold my drink... I got this *Drops bottle then starts franticly waiving sword around* See, I told you I could!
Apon death I have... failed...
Health: 400 (+80/lv)
Hp/5: 5 (+.8/lv)
Range: melee
AD: 60 ( +3/lv)
armor: 15 (+4/lv)
Mres 50 ( +0/lv)
Movespead 360

So thanks so much for reading, and please, I want to hear all of your criticism :3
sorry for any typos...

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Shields...Shields Everywhere.

A pretty straightforward champion in terms of theme. He shields allies while providing some small CC on the sides. My only issue is the fact that his E and Q both slow and it just seems kinda pointless. The shield theme is cool but the problem comes in form of him being more or less a one trick pony. This is further exacerbated by the fact that two of his abilities (Passive and Ultimate) have their strength tied to allies dying. This in a kit that is wrapped in tools designed to drastically increase allied effective health. One or the other seems more in line.

Not much else I can really comment on (unless there are some specific things you'd like me to look at) because the concept doesn't seem as fleshed out as it could be. An interesting concept, just needs some more nurturing.