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A few issues I've run across

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Suburban Cactus

Junior Member


Once I opened League of Legends.app and instead of getting the game launcher, I simply got a blank error message with the LoL logo on the right. Luckily there was an okay button, so I clicked it. The game did not load so I relaunched it and it worked just fine.

On the loading screen, my game loads significantly slower than other people's (about twice as slow), running on the same internet connection.

The first time I played, I closed my computer right after logging out and when I opened it again, the screen would not load and I had to shut down my computer the good ol' fashioned way with the power button. The game has displayed a small message before telling me to update my graphics driver so it very well may be related to that. Since then I've been sure to let the program end completely before putting my computer in sleep mode and haven't had any problem.

The graphics issue with some of the aiming circles as Miss Fortune seem to have been resolved which is great.