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Matrix Gaming Center Lol tournament regina,sk

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Hey guys I am trying to reach out to more people to come join a existing tournament/league setup I have running the first week already pass but heres the info so far if people want to join in for the remaining 7 weeks of play.

Where: 566 McIntyre St, Regina , SK, Canada

Phone: (306) 584-3300

When: Every Sunday til Novemeber 18th

What: 5v5 Format Round Robin (Format is subject to change depending on number of teams and time available that day)

Who: My name is Duy Truong the tournament organizer also known as Xdrapow, I am running this tournament with the Matrix Gaming Center sponsoring some prizes

How: To join you can either stop by the Matrix Gaming Center with your team and fill out a registration form or if you have troubles finding a team you can stop by Sundays to act as a sub for a team in need of more player/s, if there are enough subs around possible teams could form from it so everyone can join in on the fun!

Price: $15 per player with $5 going into a prizepool for the final tournament

Prizes: Everyone who participates will receive a 3 hour coupon to the Matrix Gaming Center and all day gametime for that day.
1st = $10 riot points card
2nd = $10 riot points card
3rd = $10 riot points card ( only if 10+ teams are playing that day will this be paid out)
Any player who did not finish in the prize bracket will be entered into a draw for 1 out of 5 MidMad prizes(Midmad is pretty much a 10pm-8am event of gaming every Friday and Saturday with prizes and pizza!) (draws will only happen if there are 6+ teams playing that day)

All teams that play will receive season points to enter into the final tournament playing for the collected prize pool over the 8 weeks playing only an be found at http://www.matrixgaming.ca/forum/viewforum.php?f=18
or you can contact me at [email]big_oriental@hotmail.com[/email]

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This is a great idea! Will you be doing it again anytime soon? I got started on LoL in January and I'm sorry I missed it. How was the turn out? Did everything work out well?