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Suggestion for being in ELO hell

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I am possibly setting up a stream for escaping hell I gained 300 elo in one day by watching observing and learning how to beat and advance in the elo ladders http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2624023 let me know if you would watch it or not

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Honestly it looks like you belong at that elo, your builds don't always look that good (madrids on soraka?) try watching some streams and maybe play some normal drafts to get better. elo hell is not real, i've watched friends who are 1600+ drop their accounts to where your at for fun and they can go 20+ game winning streaks. Just work on getting better and don't worry about where you are at.
(just an fyi to you guys riot has also said elo will not be hard resetting for season 3 because you dont want to see 500 elo players mixed in with 2k+ elo players)