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@Riot Summer Internship for 2013

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Hello Riot staff, and general League community!

My name is Garet, and I am an avid League of Legends player who has been involved in gaming my entire life. I have always enjoyed computer games, and figuring out how things work. The same is true of League of Legends. I think that you'll find that in addition to my love of the game, some of my credentials would make for a pretty useful potential employee for your staff!

More pertinently, I am now currently a college undergraduate in my second year at the University of Virginia seeking to attain an internship at Riot HQ this for next summer, the summer of 2013. I am a declared Computer Science major with experience in Java, Dart and Scheme programming languages, as well as brief experience with Python. My CS experience consists of an introductory class in the Spring semester, and a summer internship working for a professor in the Computer Science department at UVa. In this internship, I covered many topics dealing with managing online systems. During my work over the summer, I had daily practice with such programs as MYSQL, WebSockets, Python, JavaScript, JQuery, and other concepts associated with designing and maintaining client-server applications and websites. I also have some minor experience with login systems and security design therein.

I am currently taking a course in Software Engineering, which will broaden my options into Major Electives for the Spring Semester of 2013.

For these reasons, I would like to know what it takes to get an internship at Riot. I have many options available for the Spring semester, and I would like to know if anything would enhance my ability to obtain an internship. There are courses provided in some of the following categories:
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Computer Game Design
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
Database Systems
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Electronic Commerce Technologies
Human-Computer Interaction
Parallel Computing
Programming Languages
Service Learning Practicum
Software Design
Software Testing
Web and Mobile Systems

Would any of these be immediately beneficial for working in a company like Riot, that develops video gaming content for the PC? My obvious assumption was to take Computer Game Design and possibly Computer Graphics, but I wasn't sure if there were less obvious ones that were also very pertinent to being hired in a company like Riot.

In closing, I would like to know if there is somewhere I can apply more formally, than simply posting in this format in GD?

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