Trying to build Syndra, could use help

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Syndra's Kit is extremely powerful. I had the chance to play her last night, and she reminds me of Orianna in that her cast animations have 0 frames(i.e. she doesnt stop to cast anything). This allows her to kite extremely well. I also want to say that people are maxing the wrong spell first. Try maxing W first since it has better damage and range. If you take her bot this allows you to harass from a far and safe distance.

Item wise: Ring>Athene's>Rylai's is fairly core to her as you need the CDR, mana regen, and AP/slow to be effective. Wardens will help you kite Autoers and Void Staff helps punch through MR.

Runes: Mpen reds for damage, Mana Regen yellows to go with Athenes, CDR blues and MS quints to help cast/Kite.

I think Riot really needs to be careful with her buffs. She "feels" weak, but that kit is just amazing and fun.
Exactly this and what I've found to be the best.


Start Boot+Chalice
Sorc Shoes

then situational.

MS makes a world of difference. Make sure you pick it up in the defensive tree also.

But honestly this could completely change with her buffs. We have no idea what's happening.