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what i do is start boots + prospectors blade + pots

from there I build phage.

from there I see what I need to build next, whether it be sustain (exe or gunblade), damage (brutilizer or triforce), or health (frozen mallet).

then ill finish up the other items, get an atmas at some point, and maybe a frozen heart or something of the likes.

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Apart from boots (ionians if I can, usually mercs), Prospector's, Trinity Force and a vamp item (often actually zeke's for the cdr and aura if I've had to go mercs), I recommend considering the following:

I've myself had a lot of luck jumping on teemos with a negatron and mallet, they usually die fast and inevitably at this point.

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What sort of build is that? I went for prosp/boots/2 hp pots opening, and then phage, exec, complete triforce, ending with LW. Was starting to build atma's when the game ended.

My Jax build is heavily based on Sauron's.

I'm a fan of buying lots of item components and only upgrading them to the final product when they're either cost-effective or when I'm out of inventory space.

I go 21-9-0 with Jax and don't bother with magic penetration. 9-21-0 may be better -- not sure. Standard AD carry runes with CDR glyphs so I can itemize 30%. Always Exhaust/Revive so that I can switch to bot lane whenever needed.

Item build is usually something like this:

1). Boots, prospector's, pots.
2). Brutalizer because its very cost-effective.
3). CDR boots, vamp scepters, or phage depending on what I need.
4). Mercs if not CDR boots, then one of these: chain vest, more vamp, negatron cloak, or trinity components.
5). Finish Trinity then go for Ghostblade, Atma's, QSS, or more vamp (executioner's usually).
6). If I went Merc Treads, I get Zeke's as one of my vamp upgrades.

End build in a long game looks like:

1). CDR boots or Mercs
2). Trinity
3). Ghostblade
4). QSS or Sanguine
5). Executioner's or Zeke's
6). Atma's

Sometimes I'll do things like Hexdrinker or Gunblade, but Jax has all the things needed to make him a great AD champ and lifesteal works very well on him.

As for Olaf, I haven't played him much but MMKH has tried him out. He stopped when he deemed Olaf's trolling potential as unworthy. You'll probably have to use http://www.leagueofstats.com to see the builds he ran, as those games were a while ago.

Edit: Sorry, I thought he played more than just a few games with him.

His build might have changed since. But I tend to like this build. While I do enjoy playing Jax, I tend to only play him every once in awhile since he is so powerful in Dominion. Granted I play Wukong pretty often, but Wukong is actually my favorite champion so that's my excuse.

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What runes would you recommend running for Jax? I've mostly been focusing on buying champs than rune pages, and since I don't use RP, it's slow going.

i personally use my ad caster page for him it has magic pen reds, hp/lvl yellows magic pen blue's and flap AP quints

than i start with blade boots pots for top