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Solotop Garen Build?

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Junior Member


I go boots 1 health 1 ward
Then Straight to frozen mallet
Then to Sunfire Cape
Then to Atmas Implaor (dont know how to spell)
Then Depending i can go (thonmail or Warmogs)
Then lastly (guardian angle or force of nature (i think thats what its called))

works well for me

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Senior Member


full rune page of att dmg +22
force nature
then dont go back to base till u have enough to buy ie

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Junior Member


I play him top alot and usually roll all over my opponent by the time i've got lvl 2 or 3 E (spin).

I have heard people talking about building Atma's on him, but I have yet to try it. I'm very skeptical since it's nerf.

Brut and a G p/10 item is a must in my book. With those, boots and his E leveled up enough it's farm mode all day long, with the occasional trades. Then I'd get either Phage or Hex, then the other. You can go either Frozen Mallet or Tri force, depending on if you need to be more tankey or not. Then a GA or Warmogs with the same role appropriateness. Sunfire or blood thirster next. Then ghostblade if you haven't finished it already then Maw if you need it.

Pre 7 or so he's pretty gankable, just keep on your toes. I've started to not grab flash because his Q has that "ghost-ish" utility to it.
Hope it helps!

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I play quite a bit of garen and gotta say I enjoy my build alot. This is also as a thumbs up to the #1 ranked guide on mobafire. I start with boots + 3 hp and get bf sword or 2 dorans depending how things are within the 1st 10 mins. Garens early game is rly powerful so i prefer going AD for the 1st purchase. I usually rush IE if being fed or stick with BF sword + giants belt + Armor / MR as required. My final build is usually IE Mallet / Warmogs dependant on enemy team FoN / Thornmail / Wits end / Black Cleaver / Atmas

IE and Atmas usually provide more than enough AD for me to be brutal.