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Glitch - Champ Selection Ability Images

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Totemic Maokai

Junior Member


Its not really a big deal of a bug but hey, if it gets some notice maybe Riot will go that extra mile and fix things up :-)

The "Bug"
More so a glitch but I've noticed on quite a few characters at the Character Selection screen their ability image will not be visible or they wont be the correct image.
The list I've noted and screen capped so far are in alphabetical order as follows:
Blitzcrank: His Powerfist ability image is missing.
Corki: His Missile Barrage has an incorrect image.
Swain: His Ravenous Flock ability image is missing.
Tristana: Her Rapid Fire ability has an incorrect image.
Varus: His Piercing Arrow ability has an incorrect image.
Yorick: All his ability images excluding his ultimate are incorrect.
Ziggs: His Mega Inferno Bomb ability has an incorrect image.

These are all the Champions I've noticed and screen capped if you would like to add any to help gather all the image glitches that would be great and I'll add the to the list.

I've attached Yorick's picture as an example.