Heimerdinger Rework

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It has been said for a long time that Heimer needs a rework. Here is my proposition for said rework. It will be very general in terms of ideas, and revolve around Heimer's role as a unique character. He is an inventor, so it seems he should be using obvious inventions, akin to his turrets.

His passive should remain the same.

His Q would shoot a small laser for line damage. It would have a short cd, and act like a mini Lux ult, granting vision for a half second or so on targets hit.

His W would be his previous Q, and remain the same as an idea, but perhaps should be tweaked as to the specifics (ap ratio, health, base stats, cd, etc). I will not go into that.

His E would create a heal bot that would levitate to the most damage ally in range, and heal them over a period of about 10 seconds. They would gain increased armor and magic resist during this time. The bot would switch targets if a different ally became more damaged, but would stay within a reasonable range of Heimer. It would have health, but be immune to AoE, and take 30% damage from spells and 50% from autoattacks. The bot would not use up healing time while switching targets.

His R would upgrade his turrets and heal bot, making the heal greater and the turrets have more damage. He would be able to re-activate it to make all active turrets launch a barrage of rockets at a target (long range) location, dealing damage, knocking back and slowing all enemies hit. As the ult progressed in levels, more rockets would be fired. Each rocket would have a small AoE and knockback.

Hopefully this would improve his gameplay.