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i need some tips!

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I'm a complete 3v3 noob so any tips would be helpful. Please help me!

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My friend, you and I are in the same position; I have played very few games in TT. However, I have learned a few things:
1 Play with smartcast (that half of a millisecond it saves you casting can save your life many more times on TT)
2 Wriggle's is amazing (AD, Armor, LS, and a ward)
3 Tanky is good. I've even seen a TT Vayne build with Wit's End, Frozen Mallet, Merc Treads, etc.
4 MAP AWARENESS- Know where everyone is (or isn't) AT ALL TIMES, and coordinate that with your team
5 Teamwork - Relay info to your team, even in solo Qeue. Ping if someone is gone, or say SS very quickly
6 Jungle is amazing- Jungle in between waves for extra Exp and gold
And finally,
7 Ebonmaw. This big guy (and the buffs around his enclosure) wins games. His buff and GP are amazing, and try to get him when noone expects it. Keep him warded.