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Major game breaking bug.

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Alyx Vilk

Junior Member


Yeah I have just encountered a huge, game breaking bug. The name for it is a huge string of numbers and letters, with the number/letter string P9E0N0T1A, but its referred to as the players who have encountered it as 'noxian guillotine'. It makes orphans cry, kittens commit suicide, and people to believe in imaginary friends in the sky. I think if you fix this bug, you could cure world hunger, and secure universal peace. I have taken steps to help you, the devs, in doing the community this favour.
Remove the spell, and replace darius' axe with a giant daisy
Add a new ability, in its place, called GO GO GOKIUS, where darius dances around, and gives champs like trundle fashion tips, along with his good friend, Taric.
The ability needs to insta kill darius after the animation has finished, awarding everyone on the enemy team with 1337 gold.

You're welcome Riot.

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General Mustache

Senior Member


This is the bug report forum. Please keep posts like this to the General Discussion forum.