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LOLDROP - Red attention needed - full detail.

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Roughly 3 hours ago i was in a ranked match my elo is rather low so i do not wish to disclose it exactly - but my elo is under 1000.

I was adc as tristana - I was 10/0 within the first 15 minutes, bottom lane was feeding and afking at tower (Alistar + Ashe) they were basically free kills running back to the tower harrassing us for a minute and then afking again allowing us free kills.

SUDDENLY i was disconnected, which NEVER happens - i have a top of the line computer and cable internet running at max of 110 ping on US east coast.

When i reloaded the game, i logged in and saw the orange reconnect button.
I clicked reconnect
The client minimized and the league of legends icon appeared in the middle of the screen with a black background as normal


UNDER the League of Legends Icon, it showed:
"You have been LOLDROPPED HAHAHAHAHAH Your time remaining is 5:00"

the counter then counted down to 0, and i was able to access the game again.

After reconnecting into the game, my entire team was shouting this had all happened to them aswell. Exact same screen, exact words, exact 5 minute counter

Please note: i am putting this here in the bug report forum so that it is not lost or spammed within the general discussion.

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Wow that sucks.

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No screenshots of this?