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Kills Deaths and Assists

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KDA is probably a better metric than points, but not by much. I'm sure we've all had games where the team leading in kills by a huge margin ends up losing, and a bot laner with 4/7/2 might have been carrying the game by constantly forcing 2v1s at the enemy bot tower.

The only way to get rid of whining is to speak out against it; especially when it's not directed at you. Defending yourself isn't going to stop the whining (if someone is whining about your score, they've already classified you as "bad&quot, but defending someone else might.

And for the record, the idea of "feeding" is completely and utterly stupid on Dominion. Killing three minions or neutralise -> capture a point earns more gold than a kill. In the vast majority of games, the only significant gold gap is between bot and top.