aQ4you's Hide n Seek Rules

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Hiders - To stay alive while only using crowd control abilities for 45 minutes.
Seekers - To kill each enemy 5 times before 45 minutes.

Crowd Control
Slow, stun, exhaust, silence, knock up, knock back, grab, pull, warded abilities (mushroom, jack in the box, etc) and taunt.
*Any ability which does not have an effect listed above may not be used by the hiders.

General Rules

  • Game length - 45 minutes
  • Amount of lives (Hiders) - 5
  • Game map - Crystal Scar
  • Game type- Draft Mode
  • Game lobby - Left Side is Hiders (5) _ Right Side is Seekers (2)

Hiders Rules
  1. You are allowed to leave platform as soon as the game begins. If you fail to leave platform by 2 minutes you give one life to the first ally to call it in the chat-log. Every 5 seconds from then on you will lose a life until your 5 lives have expired. If an ally is afk until 2:20 all of his/her lives are dispersed among team. One life per teammate.
  2. You may not use any abilities that are not CC on enemy champions. (CC defined above)
  3. One warded ability (jack in the box, mushroom, trap, etc.) per bush.
  4. If you kill any enemy champion you lose 1 life and must force recall immediately (15 seconds after kill). If you do not recall you will lose another life.
  5. You may not recall at any point of the game unless you kill an enemy champion. If you do, you lose a life.
  6. You may not hide on ally platform (nexus base)
  7. After you die 5 times you must stay in outer circle. You MAY NOT enter jungle at any point, not even to go to the center.
  8. If you use an ability that is not considered CC on an enemy champion you will receive 3(max) CC warnings. After your 3rd warning you will lose a life.
  9. If a hider does not recall or stop chasing when his/her health reaches 200-300 you have the right to continue CC, but not your other abilities. If you happen to kill enemy, you do not lose a life.
  10. You may not enter areas of your platform which will kill an enemy champion.
  11. You may not CC if an enemy is exiting his/her platform.
  12. You may not attack a seeker if he/she is recalling.
  13. Only 2 Hiders may hide in bush together. This rule limits the amount of spam CC dealt to the seekers.

Seekers Rules
  1. You may not start seeking until the clock reaches 2:00
  2. When your health reaches 200-300 you must recall immediately. To limit confusion it is recommended to immediately stop chasing/moving all together. If you fail to recall when your health is between 200-300 you risk being killed by an enemy.
  3. You may not set warded abilities at the enemy platform.
  4. You may not camp at or near enemy platform
  5. You may place one warded ability (mushroom, jack in the box, etc) per bush.

Banned Summoner Spells
Ignite (Seekers may use this spell)

Banned Items
Guardian's Angel
1 Frozen Mallet per team
1 Ryla's Crystal Scepter per team
Sunfire Cape
Atma's Impaler
Oracle's Elixir (if the hiders have a champion who can stay invisible for a long period of time [ie: twitch, shaco, teemo, eveylnn] the seekers may purchase ONE oracle per 5min beginning at 10:00.

End the game. Simple as that.