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Spectating Party - Need timing info

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Hello Riot,

I'm looking to run a Season 2 League of Legends Livestream viewing event, or series of 2 events, one playoffs, one finals. Based on the number of attendees this will be done either at a personal venue (a house with 20-40 people) or possibly at one of a number of bars in the area I've approached if this gets above about 35 attendees.

I cannot seem to find anywhere listed when the games would be "live" and it would be nice to catch a few live games, rather then rely solely on VODs that I'm sure some enthusiastic attendees have already seen. If you could me some expected game start times, we could fill in any long gaps or otherwise with previous days VODs.

I do hope your livestream runs well on a 62" screen viewed by a couple dozen fans . If you have any advice on running one of these events, including the times the games are expected to start, please let me know.

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here is a link is a little small but if u save it and enlarge it you should be able to make it out